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Guobin Yang, Associate Professor, Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures, Barnard College. Member of faculty at the East Asian Institute.

"Professor Yang is completing a book manuscript on Struggles for a Chinese Civil Society in the Information Age. Articles related to this project include "The co-evolution of the Internet and Civil Society in China," Asian Survey (May/June, 2003), "The Internet and Civil Society in China: A Preliminary Assessment," Journal of Contemporary China (August 2003), “Environmental NGOs and Institutional Dynamics in China,” The China Quarterly (March 2005), and “How Do Chinese Civic Associations Respond to the Internet?” The China Quarterly (forthcoming). In another project, Yang studies the origins and impact of the Cultural Revolution. Related articles include “The Liminal Effects of Social Movements: Red Guards and the Transformation of Identity,” Sociological Forum (2000) and " China's Zhiqing Generation: Nostalgia, Identity, and Cultural Resistance in the 1990s," Modern China (July 2003).

"Yang is the author of Dragon-Carving and the Literary Mind, 2 volumes (Library of Chinese Classics in English Translation . Beijing : Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2003), an annotated English translation of the 6 th-century classic of literary criticism Wenxin Diaolong. With Ming-Bao Yue, he guest-edited a special issue on “Collective Memories of the Cultural Revolution” for The China Review (Fall 2005). With Ching Kwan Lee, he edited a book titled Re-Envisioning the Chinese Revolution: The Politics and Poetics of Collective Memories in Reform China (under review).

"Guobin Yang has received several prestigious awards and fellowships. Several of his articles won awards from the American Sociological Association, including one on the 1989 Chinese student movement (The Sociological Quarterly, 2000). In 2003, he received a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation “Writing and Research Grant.” He was a Summer Faculty Fellow of Social Science Research Council (2001) and a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. (2003-2004). Currently he serves on the editorial board of Sociological Perspectives. Guobin Yang has a Ph. D. in English Literature with a specialty in Literary Translation from Beijing Foreign Studies University (1993) and a second Ph.D. in Sociology from New York University (2000). Before joining the faculty in Barnard, he was an assistant professor of sociology in the University of Hawaii at Manoa (2000-2005)." [1]


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