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Gwyneth Cravens is a novelist and writer. "Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in The New Yorker, where she also worked as a fiction editor, and in Harper’s Magazine, where she was an associate editor. She has contributed articles and op-eds on science and other topics to Harper’s Magazine, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. She grew up in New Mexico and now lives on eastern Long Island.," a biographical note states. [1]

In October 2007 her pro-nuclear book, Power to Save the World:The Truth About Nuclear Energy was published. The promotional material claims her book demonstrates that "we see how nuclear power has been successfully and economically harnessed here and around the globe to become the single largest displacer of greenhouse gases, and how its overall risks and benefits compare with those of other energy sources."[2]

In a November 2007 blog post on nuclear power plant safety, Cravens described a visit to Sandia National Laboratories, which involved multiple security checks and procedures, and concluded, "[T]he slightest incident at a nuclear plant, even if it occurs far from any reactor and poses no risk to the public, is usually given three-alarm treatment by the media, whereas the large-scale, relentless, ongoing risks from fossil fuel combustion are ignored." [3]

In March 2008, Cravens gave a pro-nuclear "Power to Save the World dinner lecture" in Idaho Falls, Idaho. [4] The event was sponsored by the Partnership for Science & Technology, which organized events for Patrick Moore in Idaho Falls and Boise the following month. [5]



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