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"Dr. Mooney has played an international leadership role in recent years, especially with problems related to biodiversity and global warming. In addition, he has been active in building up worldwide communities and networks of ecologists and scientists in other disciplines and arranging international conferences on the environment. He played a central role in the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP), building up an international organization of scientists and having an influential part in setting the guidelines for the formulation of environmental policies. He has advanced numerous international research programs as Secretary General and Vice-President of the International Council for Science (ICSU). Furthermore, he is working to solicit the interest of the general public in many scientific topics through the media and other channels. As president of the Ecological Society of America he helped launched the publication of a new journal called Ecological Applications that is intended to make use of ecology as a useful tool for management, and worked to promote the designation of the International Biodiversity Observation Year." [1]

"Mooney has been an international leader in efforts to solve problems related to biodiversity and global warming, serving as a panel co-chair of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and organizing networks of ecologists and other scientists. His expertise ranges from measuring the adaptations of individual plants to charting the processes of ecosystems and showing how human-induced ecological disturbances modify the functioning of the earth as a whole. Research in his laboratory focuses on the study of the impact of enhanced carbon dioxide on ecosystem structure and function." [1]


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