Harmon Carlyle McAllister, Jr.

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Harmon Carlyle McAllister, Jr., Ph.D. was Vice President of Research for the Council for Tobacco Research (CTR). He worked for Brown & Williamson as Media Director in the Marketing Department from 1983-84 and Media Services Director from 1984-85.(Source: Brown & Williamson's Initial Disclosure, State of Texas vs. ATC, et al., 6/5/96)


Dr. McAllister holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and is Vice-President for Research for the Council for Tobacco Research - USA, Inc., 900 third Avenue, New York, NY 10022, (212) 421-8885. He was a consultant for the Michigan Cancer Foundation in Detroit, 1972-1976 where he worked as biomedical research scientist. He was with Council for Tobacco Research since 1983 when he was as Associate Scientific Director, then Research Director. He was a member of several prestigious scientific organizations and testifies on Council for Tobacco Research's Scientific Advisory Board's reputable quality, appropriate funding procedures, high-level scientists, high quality and significant research (which sometimes implicated smoking in disease causation), and on other witnesses' opinions and evidence. He was a defense expert in the Mississippi case.(Source: Mississippi Expert Disclosure.)

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