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Harriett "Hatsy" Heep turned over thousands of revealing Philip Morris documents that her fiance', a PM employee, had stored in her basement.


Harriett "Hatsy" Heep was from New Orleans, Louisiana and was the former fiance' of Dr. Ronald Tamol, 30 year researcher and Head of Brand Development for Philip Morris. Through her relationship with Tamol, Heep has knowledge of Philip Morris' document retention, destruction policies, Research & Development, marketing strategies which target adolescents, and witness intimidation tactics.(Disclosure)

Harriet Heep, 48, was an interior designer who gave the FBI more than 10,000 pages of documents that she said were stored at her house by her former boyfriend, Ronald A. Tamol, 62, a retired research executive who worked 30 years with Philip Morris Companies. One of the documents said the company was working to "determine minimum nicotine drop to keep normal smokers 'hooked."'

Although Ms. Heep said the notes were in Tamol's handwriting and they carried stamps and dates in the style of Philip Morris, Tamol denied knowledge of them, and said he broke up with Ms. Heep because she is "a chronic liar."

Even if that were so, it would seem odd she would go to so much trouble or have time to create and forge 10,000 pages of research documents after Tamol moved into her home last November.[The Lakeland FL Ledger April 15, 1996, Monday]

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[1] Statement of Harriett Heep taken for Castano litigation, New Orleans, Friday, April 5, 1996

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