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Harry Frederick Oppenheimer (died in 2000) the former chairman of Anglo-American Corporation. "As a consequence of his leadership of Anglo-American between 1957 and 1982 there was hardly a sizeable business in South Africa, from newspapers to brewing, of which the company did not own a part, and in many cases a large part." "Nevertheless, he would play an essential part in the creation of the Progressive Party (later the Progressive Federal Party), which throughout the 1960s had Mrs Helen Suzman as its sole representative in the white South African Parliament, but which by 1977 had won 17 seats. He also owned the Rand Daily Mail, regarded as the voice of South African liberalism. Its closure in the 1980s symbolised the embattled position of the white liberals, caught between the Afrikaners, who were prepared to hold out to "the bitter end", and the rising tide of African nationalism..." [1] His widow is Bridget Oppenheimer.

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