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The Health & Environmental Science Institute (HESI) was a division of the International Life Sciences Institute based in Washington DC and established in 1989.

According to its draft bylaws it was specifically designed to represent: ..such firms and corporations that are within or suppliers to the chemical, petrochemical, automobile and pharmaceutical industries. [2]

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Society of Toxicology
ILSI & Tox.Forum (Doc Index)
Nutrition Foundation and ILSI-NF
ILSI Risk Sciences Institute
Society for Risk Analysis
American College of Toxicology
Health & Environmental Science Institute
Center for Excellence in Toxicology
Alex Malaspina

A list of companies, some from the ILSI-NF members list, shows the type of big business they wanted to attract. [3]

HESI Researchers/Associates

  • Michelle R Embry (Use of DNA adduct data in cancer risk assessment) [4]
  • Denise E Robinson (Alternative Models for Carcinogenicity Testing)
  • Michael P Holsapple (immunotoxicogenomics)
  • Thomas J Slaga (Tustee)

Documents & Timeline

1989 May 12

The HESI Establishment group were:
Dr. Peter N . BrittonJohnson & Johnson
Dr. Alfred S. CumminBorden, Inc .
Dr. James L. EmersonThe Coca-Cola Company
Carol Farhi, Esq.American Home Products Corp .
Dr. Louis LasagnaSackler School/Tufts University
Dr. Charles C. LeightonMerck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories
Dr. Gordon LoewengartHoechst Celanese Corporation
Dr. R. Michael McLainHoffman-La Roche, Inc .
Dr. Jerry SmithRohm & Haas Company
W. Wayne Withers, EsqMonsanto Agricultural Company


1989 May 23 Roger D Middlekauff the Secretary and General Counsel of the ILSI, outlined the formation of the HESI to his Executive Committee. He explains that the HESI idea began as a worldwide division of ILSI called the Environmental Sciences division.

"The Divison was to be formed to provide functional programs for members from the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and automobile industries."
"The next organizational meeting of HESI has been scheduled for June 7, 1989 . At that time, the organizers will consider the adoption of Bylaws, designate those individuals who will be members of the initial Board of Trustees, and identify projects for action. Attached is a copy of the notice which has been sent to those invited to attend the organizational meeting."
"Should you have any questions or comments regarding the actions to date or the contemplated activities of HESI, please feel free to contact Alex Malaspina or me . We will continue to keep you advised." [6]
[Note the reversal of normal roles. Here the two staff executves Middlekauff and Malaspina are advising the Executive Committee on the formation of a new division. They have obviously already selected the new HESI organisational committee and drafted the bylaws without reference to the ILSI's Executive Committee.]
[ Also note that there is no mention of the Establishment group meeting two weeks before.]