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Healthcare-NOW! is a "movement for a National Health Insurance system", or single payer health care system, in the United States[1] supporting United States National Health Care Act: H.R.676. In July, 2008 the organization responded to confusion caused by the launch of a well-funded liberal lobby campaign with a similar name, Health Care for America Now, a group that does not support HR676.[2]

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Byllye Avery, Professor, Columbia University and Founder of the National Black Women's Health Project
  • Nurah Ammat' Ullah, Muslim Women's Institute for Research and Development
  • Barbara T. Baylor, M.P.H., Minister for Health and Wellness Program, United Church of Christ, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK: Women for Peace, San Francisco, CA
  • Adrienne Maree Brown, League of Young Voters and the Ruckus Society, San Francisco, CA
  • Hilary Chiz, Steelworkers, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Dr. Charlie Clements, Director, Unitarian Universalist Service Association
  • Mark Dudzik, The Labor Party, Washington, D.C.
  • Dr. Oliver Fein, President, Physicians for a National Health Program, NY
  • Dr. Ida Hellander, Executive Director, Physicians for a National Health Program, Chicago
  • Dr. David Himmelstein, Co-Founder, Physicians for a National Health Program, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
  • Susie Johnson, Executive Secretary for Public Policy, United Methodist Church, Women's Division, Washington, D.C.
  • Jaime Torres, MD
  • Molly Klopot, NY President, The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, NY Branch
  • The Reverend Peter Laarman, Executive Director, Progressive Christians Uniting, Los Angeles, CA
  • Sister Beth LeValley, Co-Founder of Greater Rochester Interfaith Health Care Coalition, Director of communications, Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester Rochester, NY
  • Michael Lighty, California Nurses Association
  • Robin Lloyd, Community Activist, Burlington, VT
  • John Lozier, Executive Director The National Council of Health Care for the Homeless, Nashville, TN
  • Rabbi Robert Marx, Chicago, Former Chairman of the Board of the National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice
  • Spencer Nabors, Student National Medical Association, D.C.
  • Cecil Roberts, President, United Mineworkers of America, Washington, DC
  • Ethel Long Scott, Executive Director, Women's Economic Agenda Project, Oakland, CA
  • Liz Theoharis, The Employment Project, New York, NY
  • Miriam Thompson, Activist Organizer, NC
  • Wayne Thompson, Executive Director, Oklahoma Medical Research Center, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Kay Tillow, Labor Organizer, Louisville, KY
  • Jaime Torres, DPM, President, Latinos for National Health Insurance, New York, NY
  • Dr. Lucius Walker, Executive Director, Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, New York, NY

Contact Information

339 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012-2725
Phone: 800 453-1305
Email: info AT

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