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Helmut Wakeham was a Philip Morris (PM) Director of Research.

In 1970, Helmut Wakeham, then PM's Vice President for Research & Development, recommended that the company purchase INBIFO, a research facility in Cologne, Germany, arguing that Germany "is a locale where we might do some of the things which we are reluctant to do in this country."[1]

In 1976, Wakeham was interviewed by British journalist Peter Taylor. Taylor questioned Wakeham about the number of people the World Health Organization and other health authorities reported were dying from smoking cigarettes. Here is a partial transcript of the interview:

Helmut Wakeham, VP of R&D at Philip Morris, compares the health effects of smoking to those of eating applesauce (1976)

Wakeham: None of the things which have been found in tobacco smoke are in concentrations which can be considered harmful.

Interviewer. But the components themselves can be considered harmful, can they not?
Wakeham: Anything can be considered harmful. Applesauce can be harmful if you get to much of it.
Interviewer: I don't think many people are dying from applesauce...
Wakeham: They're not eating that much (smile)
Interviewer: People are smoking a lot of cigarettes.

Wakeham: Well, let me say it this way. The people who eat applesauce die. The people who eat sugar die. The people who smoke cigarettes die. Does the fact that the people who smoke cigarettes die, demonstrate that smoking is the cause?

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