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The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue "is an independent and impartial organisation whose motivation is to reduce human suffering in war. We believe preventing and resolving armed conflicts is the surest means of doing so."

"The HD Centre is active in a number of conflict resolution projects around the world, promoting and facilitating dialogue among belligerents. In support of these projects we conduct research and analysis bringing forward practical policy recommendations to improve international efforts to secure and sustain peace." [1]
"In 1999, the Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue was setup and registered as a Swiss Foundation. The initial intention was to push the boundaries of humanitarian innovation by serving as a venue for a new concept of humanitarian dialogue, where discreet discussions could take place among those who could have a practical impact on humanitarian policy and practice." [2]
"Since 1999, the HD Centre has been involved in peace making activities including mediation in Aceh, Indonesia; Burundi; the Balkans; Colombia; the Democratic Republic of Congo; the Middle East; Myanmar, Nepal; The Philippines; Darfur, Sudan and Uganda, as well as a small number of confidential operational projects." [3]

Chester A. Crocker serves on the Foundation Council of the Geneva-based Henri Dunant Center for Humanitarian Dialogue.


"The HD Centre’s total income for the financial year 2005 was CHF 9,961,223. This is 18% more than the income of 2004. This income does not include CHF 3,130,471 received for the Geneva Initiative project. These funds were disbursed through the HD Centre directly to the parties and are included in the audited financial statement of FY 2005 (available on request)." [4]

"The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue is financially supported by a number of donors, including Governments, private foundations and other humanitarian organisations." Donors have include the Governments of the following countries:

Private institutions, individuals and other organisations have also provided funding, including:

"One or more donors have also provided confidential funding." [5]

Other funders include:



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