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Henry A. McKinnell, Jr. (or Hank) is the former CEO of Pfizer. [1]

"Career: American Standard, 1969–1971; Pfizer, 1971–1979, various international posts; 1979–1985, president of Pfizer Asia; 1992–1995, executive vice president; 1995–97, executive vice president and CFO; 1997–1999, executive vice president and president of Global Pharmaceuticals Group; 1999–2001, president of Global Pharmaceuticals Group, president, and COO; 2001–, chairman and CEO.

"Dr. Henry A. McKinnell Jr. became chief executive officer of Pfizer in January 2001 and chairman of the board in April 2001 after holding a series of senior executive positions spanning more than 32 years with the company. During his time at Pfizer, McKinnell helped turn the company from a leader in the pharmaceutical industry into a "transforming force" with the acquisitions of Warner-Lambert in 2000 and Pharmacia in 2003 and the subsequent successful integration of both firms, forming a behemoth that earned $45 billion in 2003. Observers described McKinnell as polished, stately, and avuncular, yet also exacting, passionate, and sometimes impatient. A deeply moral man, McKinnell expanded Pfizer's philanthropic activities both in the United States and in the developing world." [1]

In a 2006 interview, McKinnell blamed direct-to-consumer drug advertising for the "lousy image" of the pharmaceutical industry. McKinnell said the spots "built somewhat of a backlash when people began to realize that they could not afford the drugs." He identified corporate social responsibility as a way for pharmaceutical companies "to be seen as part of the solution ... rather than being seen as part of the problem." McKinnell pointed out that Pfizer spends more than $1 billion "on causes throughout the world," and he spends five to 10 percent of his time on CSR efforts. [2]


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