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The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc. "is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving military medicine and public health," its website states.

According to the Foundation's website, "Since 1983, we have helped military personnel conduct quality medical research and education programs by (as stated):

  • Building qualified scientific teams of researchers and creating an effective research infrastructure
  • Maintaining our academic affiliation with the Uniformed Services University (USU), providing access to cutting-edge science and technology and fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Establishing relationships with more than 160 military medical and organizations worldwide
  • Employing about 1,500 medical, scientific, management and administrative personnel" [1]

"The Henry M. Jackson Foundation of Rockville won a $49.6 million contract from the Health and Human Services Department to provide support for clinical research infrastructure in South Africa." [2]

"The Henry M. Jackson Foundation, named for the late ultra-anti-communist Democratic senator (and mentor to Richard Perle and other current neocons)." [3] "Jackson's hard line on the Soviet Union and his strong support for Israel made him a favorite of an increasingly influential group of formerly liberal but strongly anti-Communist intellectuals and politicians who came to be known as the neoconservatives. Many neoconservatives who supported Jackson's presidential bids gravitated to Ronald Reagan and the Republican party after Jackson's defeats. Among these were Richard Perle, a longtime Jackson staffer who worked under Dorothy Fosdick, Jackson's top foreign policy adviser, and Paul Wolfowitz, another member of the Jackson circle, both of whom went on to play prominent roles developing Middle East policy in the George W. Bush administration." [4]


Total revenue for 2005 was $213 million. [5]

Council of Directors

In 2005, the following were members of the Council: [6]


Web: http://www.hjf.org

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