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Hilary Wainwright has been married to Roy Bhaskar since 1971.

"Longstanding editor of British left green magazine Red Pepper (link www.redpepper.org.uk) and fellow of both the Transnational Institute (TNI) (www.tni.org) in Amsterdam and the Centre for Global Governance at the LSE, Hilary is currently working for the TNI’s New Politics project. Her work focuses on what happens to "People Power" or popular resistance in the face of corporate-driven globalisation. Co-author, with Sheila Rowbotham and Lynne Seagal of the classic feminist book, Beyond the Fragments (1979), Hilary’s most recent books include Reclaim the State. Adventures in Popular Democracy (2003) and Arguments for a New Left. Answering the Free Market Right (1993). A founding member of Charter 88, the movement to democratise Britain's feudal state, and convenor of the economic democracy workshop of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly, Wainwright is also on the editorial board of the UK political think tank," Catalyst (think tank). [1]


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