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HillCo Direct LLP was formed in February 2003 through a partnering of HillCo Partners LLC and Texas political consultant Ted Delisi, with Delisi as CEO. "The new Austin-based firm will focus exclusively on grassroots campaigns, including using direct mail and telephone banks." [1]

The Fall 2003 issue of Pension Observer, the "official publication of the Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems" (Texpers), reported that the System had hired "HillCo Direct, a firm specializing in direct mail campaigns and public relations." The publication described HillCo as "the premier full-service independent lobbyist firm ranked by the Texas Monthly Best Client List as one of Texas' most important in the field." [2]

The article refers to "Neal T. (Buddy) Jones and Clint Smith of HillCo Partners. ... Jones leads the government relations team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals that have an in-depth understanding of the political process and public policy decisions in Texas." [3]

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