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Hisham Mubarak Law Centre Named after Hisham Mubarak.

Arrests 2011

On February 3, at 8pm "Ahdaf Soueif emails from Cairo: 'A good friend just saw 8 to 12 people being dragged out of No 1 Souq el-Tawfikiyyah St and bundled into a civilian micro-bus while a military police vehicle waited nearby. The people were being beaten and the street had been told they were "Iranian and Hamas agents come to destabilise Egypt" so the street was chanting against them.

"No 1 Souq el-Tawfikiyyah St is the home of the offices of The Hisham Mubarak Legal Aid Centre, The Centre for Social and Economic Rights and The 6th April Youth.

"The Hisham Mubarak centre is a partner of Oxfam International, which has put out a statement:

"The offices of two Egyptian human rights organisations in Cairo supported by Oxfam in Cairo have been attacked today and several staff members arrested by the Military Police.
"The offices of Hisham Mubarak Law Center and the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights were raided at 14:30 and eight people were arrested including both directors, Ahmed Seif, director of the Hisham Mubarak Law Center and Khaled Ali, director of the Center for Economic and Social Rights.
"They have been taken to an unknown location in Cairo."

Later it became evident that "Among those taken away by members of the police and army is Human Rights Watch researcher Daniel Williams." [1]

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