Hispanic Teens/Tweens Miami & New York

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Hispanic Teens/Tweens Miami & New York

This 2001 Philip Morris document is a telephone survey aimed at Hispanic children ages 11-17. The caller tells the parent that the survey is "part of an effort to reduce the incidence of youth smoking." The caller then asks the parent a few brief questions, and then asks for permission to speak to the child. The child is asked about his or her media consumption habits and favorite musical groups. A final question asks,

20. I have one last question. When it comes to musical groups, what particular group do you like and why?

Near the end of the survey, the caller asks to speak to the parent again, and then proposes to the parent that the child participate in "a very interesting research study" for which the child will be paid a cash gift "in appreciation of his/her time and cooperation."

This document demonstrates that tobacco companies can still freely collect marketing research data on children and teens and even conduct focus groups among them, under the guise of their efforts to "reduce youth smoking."

Date 20010500
Bates 2085120022/0031
Collection Philip Morris
Pages 10
URL: http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/cnm00c00

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