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The following is taken from a 1987 [http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/vma12a00 Philip Morris Manufacturing Center Orientation Manual.


1847 -Philip Morris Esq., Tobacconist and Importer of Fine Seegars, opens a shop on Bond Street in London
1854 -Philip Morris makes his first cigarettes
1855 -Frederic Miller, a young German braumeister, opens a brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1870 -22 New Bond Street, London headquarters, begins to produce Philip Morris Cambridge and Philip Morris Oxford Blues (later called Oxford Ovals and Philip Morris Blues)
1873 -13 Bond Street, London -Richard Benson and William Hedges open shop
1873 -Philip Morris dies -widow Margaret and brother Leopold Morris carry on cigarette trade
1877 -Players Navy Cut cigarettes acquired by John Player
1879 -Melachrino cigarettes first marketed
1880 -Leopold Morris buys out Margaret Morris's interest in the business
1885 -Leopold joins with Joseph Grunebaum to establish Philip Morris & Company and Grunebaum, Ltd.
1885 -Blues, Cambridge, Derby, Unis, Marlborough (the ladies'favorite) are marketed 1887 -Leopold and Grunebaum dissolved their partnership. Company becomes Philip Morris & Co., Ltd.
1894 -Company is reorganized in 1894 as William Curtis Thompson and his family assume a majority interest
1899 -Benson & Hedges opens New York branch at 288 Fifth Avenue
1900 -Benson & Hedges moves to 314 Fifth Avenue, New York
1901 -Philip Morris & Co., Ltd. by royal warrant is appointed tobacconist for King Edward VII
1902 -Philip Morris & Co., Ltd. is incorporated in New York, 110-122 Broad Street, by Gustav Eckmeyer, who had been sole agent for Philip Morris in the U.S. since 1872, importing and selling the English-made cigarettes
1905 -Right to manufacture and vend all Philip Morris brands in Canada is granted by Thompson's firm to the New York company
1907 -The New York firm is reorganized_and moves to 4020 West Broadway. Benson & Hedges moves to 435 Fifth Avenue cJr1917 -Philip Morris moves to 72 Fifth Avenue. 1918 -English Ovals becomes the first blend of domestic leaf presented by Philip Morris. These cigarettes are priced at 20 for $.30
1919 -The Philip Morris coronet logo is introduced
1919 -A new firm, owned by American stockholders, acquires the U.S. Philip Morris company and incorporates in Virginia under name of Philip Morris & Co., Ltd., Inc.
1920 -The first Philip Morris Annual Report is published
1922 -Philip Morris-International Corp. is organized; introduces Players
1923 -Revelation is introduced by Continental Tobacco Co., a major competitor
1924 -Philip Morris becomes exclusive agent for Rameses
1924 -Philip Morris moves to 44 West 18th Street
1924 -Unfiltered Marlboro is introduced, and Stephano cigarettes
1924 -Reuben M .Ellis becomes President of Philip Morris
1926 -A series of Marlboro ads showing a feminine hand promotes that cigarette for women
1926 -Philip Morris-International Corp. dissolved
1928 -Philip Morris begins to make regular dividend payments
1928 -Benson & Hedges is sold to an American financial group
1929 -Stephano Bros. ceases manufacture of Philip Morris brands
1929 -Philip Morris begins manufacturing its own cigarettes by purchasing a factory in Richmond
1929 -Philip Morris and Continental Tobacco Co. are both located at 119 Fifth Avenue
1929 -Reuben M. Ellis and Leonard B. McKitterick take control of Philip Morris
1929 -C.L. Grigg markets "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda," later renamed 7UP
1930 -Ivory-tipped Marlboro introduced
1930 -"Battle of the Brands" continues as Continental Tobacco Co.'s Paul Jones becomes first of the 10 cent brands
1930 -Alfred E. Lyon joins Philip Morris from Europe and becomes West Coast representative
1931 -Benson & Hedges's Parliament (plain and cork tip) and Virginia Rounds are introduced
1932 -Parliament becomes the first cigarette with a filter mouthpiece made from a blend of domestic (burley) and Turkish leaf introduced
1933 -Philip Morris English Blend in the brown pack is introduced
1933 -Johnny calls for Philip Morris for the first time in the Hotel New Yorker lobby
1933 -Johnny is introduced on radio (NBC)for the first time on April 17
1933 -Leonard B. McKitterick becomes President of Philip Morris
1934 -Paul Jones is made with a cork tip. Cigarette Time, an ivory-tipped mentholated cigarette, is introduced
1934 -Philip Morris buys the assets of Continental Tobacco Co.
1936 -Otway Hebron Chalkley becomes President; Alfred E. Lyon, Executive Vice President
1938 -First offering of Philip Morris preferred stock placed on market
1940 -Country Doctor smoking tobacco added by Philip Morris
1944 -Philip Morris buys Axton-Fisher plant and facilities in Louisville, Kentucky (with this deal Philip Morris acquired Fleetwoods and Spud)
1945 -Otway Chalkley becomes Chairman of the Board; Alfred E. Lyon becomes President of Philip Morris
1946 -0. Parker McComas joins Philip Morris as Vice President
1948 -"No cigarette hangover" campaign and nose test campaign begin for Philip Morris brand
1949 -Philip Morris sponsors its first television show -"Tex and Jinx Preview"
1949 -Alfred E. Lyon becomes Chairman of the Board; O. Parker McComas, President
1950 -Philip Morris moves to 100 Park Avenue -awarded "Office of the Year" citation from Office Management and Equipment magazine.
1951 -Philip Morris sponsors the "I Love Lucy" show
1952 -New plant is opened in Louisville, Kentucky
1953 -Tobacco Industry Research Committee formed at the suggestion of O. Parker McComas
1953 -Philip Morris sponsors "So You Want to Lead a Band" program
1954 -Benson & Hedges merges with Philip Morris
1954 -Philip Morris introduces "snap-open pack"
1954 -Philip Morris (Australia) Ltd. is set up as first major affiliate outside the U.S.
1954 -Marlboro re-packaged and test-marketed as a full-flavored man's cigarette
1955 -Philip Morris replaces its brown pack with a red and white package
1955 -Overseas division set up at Philip Morris
1955 -Philip Morris profit-sharing plan introduced to U.S. employees
1955 -Marlboro goes national and is introduced in flip-top box with cork-tipped "selectrate" filter. Response was so enthusiastic that the supply did not catch up with the demand until April
1955 -License agreement signed with a LaSuerte Cigar and Cigarette Factory, the Philippines
1956 -License agreement signed with Tabacalera Nacional SA, Panama
1956 -License agreement signed with C.A. Tabacalera Nacional, Venezuela
1956 -King-size Philip Morris in a soft package is converted to long-size Philip Morris in a flip-top box
1956 -Parliament introduced in blue, gold and white flip-top box
1956 -Filter Spud introduced in flip-top box
1956 -Philip Morris sponsors "The Philip Morris Country Music Show"
1956 -Marlboro becomes first national sponsor of National Football League telecast 1957 -Milprint and Nicolet Paper Co. acquired. Acquisition represents Philip Morris's first diversification outside the tobacco business
1957 -License agreement signed with Fabriques de Tabac Reunies, SA, Switzerland for manufacturing of Marlboro
1957 -Marlboro in the flip-top box introduced in England and Australia
1957 -Revelation and Bond Street packaged in flexible pouches
1957 -Philip Morris receives the Packaging Institute's Corporate Award
1957 -Joseph F. Cullman III becomes President of Philip Morris Incorporated
1958 -Johnny celebrates his 25th Anniversary with Philip Morris
1958 -Parliament introduced as a popular-priced cigarette in the high filtration field. It is offered in a flip-top box or soft pack
1958 -Marlboro introduced in soft pack
1958 -Marlboro re-engineered to improve filtration
1958 -Polymer Industries, Inc. acquired
1958 -Benson & Hedges (Canada) Ltd. acquired as Philip Morris affiliate
1959 -Research Center in Richmond dedicated to O. Parker McComas
1959 -C.A. Tabacalera Nacional, licensee in Venezuela since 1956, becomes first Latin American affiliate
1959 -Alpine introduced
1960 -Philip Morris Commander introduced on mark VIII machine
1960 -Philip Morris Regular changed to match the Commander pack
1960 -A New slide and shell package design successfully introduced for Benson & Hedges, the largest selling premium-priced cigarette in America
1960 -Philip Morris, Marlboro, Alpine, and Parliament manufactured in Venezuela by C.A. Tabacalera Nacional
1960 -Marlboro soft pack introduced in Germany under new manufacturing agreement with Martin Brinkmann A.G.
1960 -Marlboro and Philip Morris marketed in the Philippines
1960 -A.S.R. Products Corporate acquired
1960 -Philip Morris sponsors "CBS Reports"
1960 -George Weissman appointed Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Philip Morris Overseas
1961 -Philip Morris Overseas renamed Philip Morris International
1961 -License agreement signed with Hong Kong Tobacco Company
1961 -Philip Morris (brown pack)introduced in Hong Kong
1961 -Pal Premium blade introduced: Gem Premium single edge blade introduced
1961 -Philip Morris signs license agreement with SEITA, French Tobacco monopoly,for manufacture and distribution of Parliament
1962 -License agreement signed with Amer Tupakka Oy, Finland
1962 -Benson & Hedges (Canada) Ltd .and Canadian Tobacofina Ltd. merge
1962 -"Marlboro Country" ad slogan is introduced in selected markets
1962 -Pal stainless injector razor introduces new line
1962 -License agreement signed with Monopoli di Stato, Italy
1962 -La Altense, later renamed Tobacalera Centroamericana, S.A., Guatemala, becomes an affiliate
1963 -"Marlboro Country"-advertising campaign makes its national debut
1963 -Philip Morris announces it will construct an Operations Center in Richmond, Virginia
1963 -Burma-Vita Company acquired
February 1963 -Paxton test marketed in Fresno, California, and Tulsa, Oklahoma
February 1963 -Sarato test marketed in Hartford, Connecticut, and Sacramento, California
February 1963 -Personna stainless steel double edge razor blades introduced by American Safety Razor Company
March 1963 -Pal stainless steel razor is shown at Buenos Aires' Museum of Modern Art and Louvre Museum in Paris
March 1963 -License agreement signed with Austria Tabakwerke AG for manufacture and distribution of Marlboro
March 21 1963 -Joseph F Cullman 3rd receives Cross of Chevalier du Merite Commercial et Industriel from French Government
April 1963 -Pal stainless steel injector blades introduced
April 1963 -Clark Bros. Chewing Gum Company acquired
April 1963 -Philip Morris holds its first Derby Festival in Louisville, Kentucky
April 24 1963 -Philip Morris Inc. receives President's "E" Award from FDR, Jr., Under Secretary of Commerce
1963 -Paxton test marketed in New England and Middle Atlantic States, Ohio and Hawaii June 1963 -Pal and Personna stainless steel blades launched nationally
June 1963 -Paxton goes national in all 50 states
September 1963 -Philip Morris makes tennis film narrated by Chris Schenkel and Roy Emerson
September 1963 -Saratoga test marketed in Seattle, Washington
September 1963 -Field and Stream pipe tobacco introduced
September 1963 -Paxton introduced in Puerto Rico
September 1963 -Multifilter introduced in Humiflex plastic package
October 1963 -Alpine coupon redemption program instituted
December 1963 -King-size English Ovals marketed
December 1963 -Fabriques de Tabac Reunies, S.A., Switzerland, becomes first Philip Morris cigarette manufacturing affiliate on the continent of Europe.
January 1964 -Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Health is issued

January 1964 -Johnny marks his 30th Anniversary
February 1964 -Agreement signed with Ruder & Finn, public relations firm
March 1964 -Philip Morris Multifilter with a charcoal filter introduced
April 1964 -Galaxy cigarettes introduced with redemption coupon
April 1964 -Philip Morris dedicates the first building of the Operations Center in Richmond, Virginia
May 1964 -Benson & Hedges Little Filter cigars introduced
July 1964 -Parliament comes out with charcoal filter
September 1964 -Premier of "Great Moments in the History of Tennis"
January 1965 -Marlboro production begins in France under a licensing agreement signed with SEITA, the French tobacco monopoly
January 1965 -Self-imposed cigarette advertising code goes into effect by which the companies, voluntarily and individually, agree not to promote cigarettes to young people and to avoid implying smoking has health benefits or is essential to social prominence
April 1965 -"Teaberry Shuffle" ads promote Clark's Gum
May 1965 -Philip Morris de Puerto Rico becomes an affiliate
1965 -Milprint, Inc. Nicolet Paper Co., and Polymer Industries, Inc. combine to form the Industrial Products Division, predecessor of Philip Morris
Industrial. Fred M. Stefan named President of the new division.
December 1965 -Gemini space food packaging developed by Milprtnt
January 1966 -Federal Cigarette Labeling Act goes into effect, requiring cigarette companies to include on all packages the words "Caution: Cigarette Smoking May Be Hazardous To Your Health"
January 1966 -Hugh Cullman elected Executive Vice President of Philip Morris
April 1966 -Marlboro Menthol cigarettes introduced
May 2 1966 -Joseph F. Cullman III named to Tobacco Hall of Fame
June 1966 -License agreement signed with Superior Tobacco Company, N.V., Netherlands Antilles
September 1966 -Massalin y Celasco S.A.C.e.I. joins Philip Morris Latin American operations as affiliate in Argentina
September 1966 -Benson & Hedges 100's--menthol and regular--introduced nationally January 1 1967 -Corporate structure of Philip Morris reorganized to create Philip Morris Incorporated and three operating companies: Philip Morris Domestic, Philip Morris International, and Philip Morris Industrial
-Joseph F. Cullman 3rd appointed Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Philip Morris Incorporated
-George Weissman appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of Philip Morris Incorporated
-Hugh Cullman appointed President of Philip Morris International
-Fred M. Stefan appointed President of Philip Morris Industrial
-Ross R. Millhiser appointed President of Philip Morris Domestic
April 1967 -Kwara Tobacco Company of Ilorin, Nigeria, becomes Philip Morris affiliate (later renamed Philip Morris Nigeria Ltd.)
June 1967 -Marlboro 100's launched nationally in the Gold Pack
September 1967 -Marlboro 100's introduced in the flip-top box
January 1968 -Philip Morris Domestic changes its name to Philip Morris U.S.A.
February 1968 -Koch Convertograph Co. acquired by Philip Morris Industrial. Renamed Koch Label Co.
1968 -Virginia Slims test-marketed in San Francisco
August 1968 -Philip Morris acquires Godfrey Phillips Ltd., a British holding company, thereby obtaining interests in Godfrey Phillips India, Ltd., Premier Tobacco Industries Ltd., Pakistan, and Godfrey Phillips New Zealand (later renamed Philip Morris (New Zealand) Ltd.)
September 1968 -Virginia Slims marketed nationally
January 1969 -Philip Morris Incorporated reports that operating revenues for 1968 exceeded $1 billion for the first time
February 1969 -Philip Morris Holland B.V. joins network of international affiliates May 1969 -License agreement signed for manufacture of cigarettes in Bolivia
May 1969 -Philip Morris Sweden AB created as an affiliate
June 1969 -Philip Morris acquires 53% ownership of Miller Brewing Co. from W.R. Grace & Co.
July 1969 -E. Leon Jimenes, C por A, becomes Philip Morris affiliate in the Dominican Republic

October 1969 -License agreement signed with Fabrika Duvana Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, for the manufacture of Marlboro
January 1970 -Philip Morris U.S. distributorship of Flavor Tree Food Products (Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp, etc.) terminated
February 1970 -Marlboro 100's Red Pack test marketed in Seattle and Spokane, Washington
March 1970 -Philip Morris GmbH started up as affiliate in West Germany
June 1970 -Philip Morris effects whole ownership of Miller Brewing by purchasing
August 1970 outstanding 47%of stock from De Rance Foundation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
-Face Guard razor blades test-marketed
September 1970 -First Virginia Slims tennis tournament takes place in Houston, Texas
October 1970 -Marlboro 100's (ventilated filter)introduced
1970 -Parliament 80/85 charcoal filter marketed
December 1970 -Plainwell Paper Co., Inc. acquired by Philip Morris Industrial
1970 -Proveedora Ecuatoriana S.A., Ecuador, formed as a marketing affiliate
1970 -Cigarette companies voluntarily agree to display "tar"-nicotine data in all advertising
January 2 1971 -Cigarette TV and radio advertising ban goes into effect
February 1971 -Personna '74 tungsten steel blade (distributed nationally)
May 1971 -Contact signed in Spain for the purchase of companies which later becomes affiliates Philip Morris Espana, S.A., and Philip Morris Iberica, S.A.
June 1971 -Armstrong Coated Products acquire by Philip Morris Industrial
September 1971 -John A. Murphy elected Chief Executive Officer of Miller Brewing Company
October 1971 -License agreement signed with Cia Colombiana de Tabaco, Colombia
November 1971 -Philip Morris France S.A., marketing affiliate, established
November 1971 -Weltab S.A., Belgium becomes a Philip Morris affiliate
1971 -Lindeman (Holdings) Ltd., a wine company, becomes subsidiary of Philip Morris (Australia) Ltd. P.T. Philip Morris Indonesia set up as an affiliate

January 1972 - Ciggarette manufacturers required to include health warnings on all advertising, direct mail, and point-of-sale material
1972 -Marlboro Lights introduced
1972 -Face Guard expands to national distribution
1972 -Tabacalera Nacional, S.A. of Panama, a licensee since 1956, becomes a Philip Morris affiliate
1972 -Parliament 100's with charcoal filter goes national
1972 -Personna floating head razor (injector) goes on the market
Aprii 1972 -Philip Morris celebrates its 125th anniversary
August 1972 -Flicker Ladies' Shaver introduced in test markets
September 1972 -Philip Morris acquires 100% of Mission Viejo Company, a real estate development firm
December 1972 -License agreement signed with Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corp. and Federal Tobacco Ltd., Trinidad and Tobago, for the manufacture of Marlboro
December 1972 -Wikolin Polymer Chemie GmbH, Germany, acquired by Philip Morris Industrial
December 1972 -Marlboro ends the year as the world's best-selling cigarette
January 1973 -Philip Morris Incorporated's 1972 operating revenues surpass $2 billion for the first time
March 1973 -The new Richmond Manufacturing Center makes its first cigarettes
Apri-1 1973 -Personna Double II razor with twin double-edge blades introduced
April 1973 -Lightfoot Company, soap manufacturers, dissolved
April 1973 -Clark Gum Company sold
April 26 1973 -The Research Center Tower in Richmond is dedicated to Mrs. Margaret B. Young, member of Philip Morris Board of Directors, is appointed U.S. delegate to the 28th session of the United Nations General Assembly
May 1973 -The CAB orders commercial airlines to separate smokers and nonsmokers
May 1973 -Tabacalera Andina, S.A., established as a manufacturing affiliate in Ecuador
May 1973 -Surtech Coating Co., formed by Philip Morris Industrial