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Biographical Information

"Prof. Hossam Badrawi, a prominent physician and a well known politician in Egypt, is a member of the Upper Chamber of Egyptian Parliament, member of the Board of Governance of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Member of the Board of Trustees of the Bibliotheca Alexandria, Board Member of the National Human Right Council of Egypt, and chair the Gynecology & Obstetrics department in Cairo University’s Medical School...

"Dr. Badrawi was an elected member of the Egyptian Parliament and chaired the Committee of Education and Scientific Research for five years (2000 to 2005). He led the education reform initiatives in Egypt during this period and is considered to be the primary sponsor of education reform throughout the country. His initiative in the NDP for the move towards quality assurance and accreditation in education has changed the language and implementation of reform of education in both school and higher education. He produced 29 policy papers from the NDP in education that constitute the core of all current strategies of education nowadays.

"Dr. Badrawi also chaired the joint committee of the Parliament for the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) legislation in Egypt and led key initiatives to ensure successful legislation of the law which was fundamental for Egypt’s ability to enter into recent trade agreements with the European Union.

"Dr. Badrawi is a member of the board of directors of the NDP and chairs the Business Secretariat.. He is also one eight members comprising the Policy Secretariat and chairs its Education Sub-Committee and co-supervises its Health Sub-Committee. He has played a major role in developing reform policies for the health sector in Egypt.

"Dr. Badrawi is a member of the Supreme Council for Human Rights which was formed in 2004 as part of the reform wave in Egypt towards improved democratization. He chairs the Social Human Rights Committee in the council.

"Dr. Badrawi is a founder member and Chairman of the first Egyptian National Competitiveness Council, which was established in 2004..

"Dr. Badrawi is a founder member of the board of Arab Parliamentarians Against Corruption, a foundation created to fight corruption in the region. He also chaired an initiative for Arab Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy – Parliamentary Perspective with the UNESCO.

"He also chaired the Parliamentary Network of the World Bank (PNoWB)/MENA chapter during 2003-2006, an initiative developed by the World Bank.

"Dr. Badrawi started the first healthcare management organizations company in Egypt which is currently one of the largest HMOs in the private sector. Dr. Badrawi’s is also a board member and strategic shareholder in NileBadrawiHospital, one of the largest hospitals in Cairo.

"Dr. Badrawi chairs the Badrawi Foundation for Education and Development, philanthropic family-run foundation working for social and educational development in Egypt.

"Dr. Badrawi is also the founder of leading NGO’s in Egypt including The Dreamers of Tomorrow, the New Civic forum and Egypt’s International Economic Forum, American Chamber of Commerce, Egyptian National Competitiveness council, and Lead Foundation." [1]

NDP Shifts

"CAIRO, Feb 6 (NNN-KUNA) -- The top executive committee of Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), which includes strongman Hosni Mubarak's son Jamal, resigned en masse on Saturday.

"Executive Committee of the ruling National Democratic Party -- which holds parliamentary majority -- tendered resignations on Saturday, and Dr. Hossam Badrawi, a party figure on good terms with opposition and having contacts with youth, was named the NDP's new Secretary General.

"A statement made by NDP on Saturday said that members of the executive committee of the NDP's board have tendered their resignations and were replaced by Majed Al-Sherbeeni, Mohammad Rajab, Mohammad Heeba and Mohammad Kamal.

"NDP's board includes in addition to Safwat Al-Sharif and Jamal Mubarak, Presidential Bureau Chairman Dr. Zakariya Azmi, Minister of People's Assembly Affairs Dr. Mufid Shehab and businessman Ahmad Ezz." [3]

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