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Huckaby Davis Lisker (HDL), formerly known as Huckaby Davis & Associates, is an Alexandria, Virginia-based political accounting firm representing political action committees for Republican Party candidates and entities.


Bush-Cheney '04 Inc.

In 2003, Huckaby Davis Lisker received three payments totalling $30,076 for "Consulting Services-Compliance" for Bush-Cheney '04 Inc.. [1]

Republican Party / Republican National Committee

Huckaby Davis Lisker received these amounts (2004 and 2006 election cycles) and these amounts for "Inkind" services from the Republican Party and Republican National Committee respectively.

Republican National Conventions

For the 2000 Republican National Convention, Huckaby Davis & Associates received $333,716 in consulting fees. [2]

Rightroots / ABC Pac Inc.

Keith A. Davis of Huckaby Davis Lisker is listed as designated agent and "Asst. Treasurer" for Rightroots, the 527 committee launched August 1, 2006, by ABC Pac Inc. The PAC's mailing address is the same as that for HDL.

PoliticalMoneyLine reported April 11, 2006, that "Lisa Lisker of Keith Davis' firm registered ABC PAC Inc, Midwest ROMP (joint fundraiser), and National Assn of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies" as new 527 committees.

Stronger New York PAC

On April 3, 2006, Davis, who is Treasurer of Senator John McCain's Straight Talk America PAC, set up the Stronger New York PAC, "a new 527 outfit for 'support of Republican candidates in New York,' according to," E.J. Kessler reported in Forward. The PAC's address is listed as 355 Lexington Ave, Suite 1001, New York, NY, which is the "address of the fundraising firm of Cathy Blaney & Associates," George Pataki's fundraiser, Kessler wrote.

However, by April 6, 2006, the Stronger New York PAC was determined to belong to Bill Weld: [3]

"The GOP gubernatorial hopeful created the state-level PAC to provide cash to Assembly and Senate candidates who 'have the same issues Bill does, get them elected and bring them to Albany with Bill,' according to Weld campaign managed Walter Breakell.
"The confusion arose due to Davis’ connection to McCain and also the fact that the address of the PAC - 335 Lexington Ave. Suite 1001, NY, NY, is the address of Cathy Blaney & Associates - who raises money for both Weld and Gov. George Pataki, among others.
"Blaney uses Davis, a partner in the Virginia-based political accounting firm of Huckaby Davis & Associates, frequently. He’s also the treasurer of Pataki’s federal 21st Century Freedom PAC and former U.S. Rep. Rick Lazio’s Rough Rider PAC."

Other Clients & PACs

Some of the following PACs also use HDL's Alexandria, Virginia, address:

Huckaby Davis & Associates:

Huckaby Davis Lisker:

Keith Davis:

Lisa Lisker:

Contact Information

Huckaby Davis Lisker
228 South Washington Street
Suite 115
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone 703 549-7705

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