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Human Concern International (HCI) "is a Canadian, Federally Registered, charitable organization existing "to help alleviate human suffering" by Investing in Humanity. Since 1980 HCI has contributed over $40 million dollars towards facilitating Sustainable Development through long term development projects, and maintaining Human Dignity by providing immediate relief assistance to many poor and strife torn countries and to local causes in Canada." [1]

"HCI is affiliated with many umbrella groups and organizations, such as:


"To increase its reach and effectiveness to the community around the globe, HCI regularly partners with others, such as various international government agencies, organizations and NGOs including the United Nations Specialized funding agencies, local and international partners.

"Other notable project partners and/or funders include: Islamic Relief, Canadian Lutheran World Relief, Health Partners Internatinal Canada, Canadian Red Cross, Cardinal Leger Foundation, Hope International, World Accord, University of Missouri, International Medical and Educational Trust, Youth Mines Actions Ambassadors Program (YMAAP) and Japan Helpline." [2]