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In 1998 THF founders, Tom Hunter and Marion Hunter "received a rather large cheque from the sale of Tom’s first business, Sports Division. One day he was running one of the largest sports retailers in Europe, the next day (age 37) he was staring into a largish void wondering what to do next…

"Following a mild epiphany, Tom and Marion established THF with an initial commitment of £10m to fund educational interventions in, primarily, Scotland.

"To date THF has invested, or committed to invest. £35m and last year the THF founders pledged a further £100m for investment in Scotland and the developing world." [1]


Accessed July 2010: [2]


"We do not distinguish between funding partners and programme partners – as far as we see it we are all in this together, either as funders or programme deliverers.

"We have many partners, but as an indication they include:



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