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Indoor Air International was probably one of the largest of the pseudo-scientific associations created by the tobacco industry to promote the idea that passive smoking wasn't a problem. Clearly they managed to recruit as members:

  • A large number of scientists, academics and experts working in the field of indoor air research and general air pollution who were in the pay of the tobacco industry and willing to distort science in favour of the industry.
  • A few genuine researchers, academics and bureaucrats working in the field who, while not being employed by the tobacco industry, were willing to benefit from low cost subsidised attendace at tobacco-run conferences (provided they weren't advertised as such)
  • A very few genuine researchers, academics and bureaucrats who were honest, and simply got caught up in the listings.

See main document https://www.industrydocumentslibrary.ucsf.edu/tobacco/docs/rkxy0191

Indoor Air International

The secretary of IAI was Katherine Leslie, wife of George B Leslie. They also ran ARIA

Name Gen.Loc.Orgs.Misc.
Prof G Abbritti Institutto Medicina de Lavoror Perugia, Italy
Prof R AbeliukPontifcia Unisversidad, Catolica de Chile Santiago, Chile
Prof J AdlTehran Uni, Public Health School Iran
Prof G AggazzottiInstituto Di Igiene, Moderna, Italy
Dr TS Akimovich Research Inst of Occ & Marine Medicine St Petersburg, Russia
Mrs P AllenObere Vogtsmatten 21 Rothenfluh, Switzerland
Prof H Altmann, Gostritz 76Schottwein, Austria
Prof JJ Amaral MendesNat Inst of Health.
Environ. Health & Toxicology Ctr
Lisbon, Portugal McGill & Montreau Conf.
Dr B AnderssonNat Inst. of Occupational Health
Analytical Chemists Div.
Umea, Sweden
Prof K AnderssonNat Inst. of Occupational Health
Analytical Chemists Div.
Umea, Sweden(could be Kjell)
Dr RE Andersson-Malmo, weden
Dr Alan K Armitage,PM Consultant
Regulatory Toxicology, Pharmacology
Nth Yorkshire, UK
Worked for CPSE?
St Martins Island Conference
Dr PL AugerDCS-CHULSte Foy, Quebec, Canada
Dr John Bacon-shone Dir. Social Sciences Research Center
Uni of Hong Kong
Hong KongCIAR recipient.
IAI editorial board
McGill Conference
Mr Andre BadstuberS&T staff toxicologist at FTR
Principle scientist for Philip Morris
Corp. Scientific Affairs (CSA)
Neuchatel, Switzerland Staff science corrupter
Dr S-O Baek Dept. Environ.Engineering
Yeungnan University
Taegu, Rep, of Korea
Mr V Bakeas(Analytical) Chemistry Dept,
University of Athens
Kauponia, Greece
Dr DK BanerjeeSchool Environ.Sciences
Jawaharial Nehru Uni
New Delhi, India
Dr George BatchelorIndoor Air Quality Update (IAQU)
[Genuine Scientific Journal]
Arlington, USAIAQU not controlled by the tobacco [2] [3]
Dr J Bates (?)Racine, Wisconsin, USA
Dr Med habil K BauerInstitut or Medical Diagnostics Saarbrucken, Gemany
Ms M Baya(Analytical) Chemistry Dept,
University of Athens
Kauponia, Greece
Dr V Bazas (Elder of a family of IAQ testers)
PM consultants
Sons Theodore and Basil
Athens, Greece ARIA, EGILHelped organise Athens conference [4]
Dr Dominique BienfaitBuilding Engineer,
Marne la Vallee
PM Consultant
Paris, France ARIA.
IAI Council
Athens Conference
PM Payments [5]
Dr ERC BischoffIndoor Med. Biol. Research CenterMainz, Germany
Dr N BitcolovRes. Inst of Indust. & Marine MedSt Petersburg, Russia
Mr Peter W BrownR&D Rothmans Intll
Manager, Biosciences
Basildon EssexINFOTAB Staff Issues Manager