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"In Iraq it is the wild west. The security firms are covered by none of the above [a status-of-forces agreement and diplomatic status], and almost none of them have any real experience in war zones. For those reasons, we have stayed out of the place as it disintegrates from an insurgency to a civil war." --Brian J. Boquist, Vice President of ICI, in an email reported by Marego Athans in The Baltimore Sun, March 18, 2004.


International Charter Incorporated of Oregon was established in 1992 by co-founder, Executive Vice-President, Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel with 24 years experience and current State congressman Brian J. Boquist. Traditionally they are a helicopter service provider and have operated frequently in Africa, providing services for the UN, World Bank, USAID and other organizations operating in areas of turmoil.


  • Under contract by DynCorp in Liberia in 1996 to provide helicopters and support to U.S. Department of State, Boquist and his employees were abandonned without notice when the rebels stormed the city. Initially there to escort peacekeepers, they ended up arming themselves with weapons off the streets and defended the US embassy until military reinforcements arrived. [3][4]
  • In October of 2000, ICI was granted a contract from the U.S. Department of Defense to provide emergency evacuation for units training the Nigerian Defense Forces and to support efforts in flooded areas. [5]
  • In the Sudan, the ICI foundation Project has been awarded a $1 million sub-grant to assist the National Democratic Alliance of Sudan with medical training. Other duties include medical evacuation, logictical support and re-supply efforts. [6]
  • In 1996, they were given a contract by the U.S. Department of State to support Canadian peace-keepers in Haiti. There, ICI was involved in escorting Canadian and Argentinian personnel and troops, Haitian diplomats, US embassy staff and Congressional delegations, hundreds of tons of cargo and medical supplies. [7]

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