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Biographical Information

"Ian I. Mitroff is The Harold Quinton Distinguished Professor of Business Policy at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California (USC), Professor of Journalism and Associate Director, The USC Center for Strategic Public Relations at the Annenberg School of Communications at USC, and president of the consulting firm Comprehensive Crisis Management. He is regarded as the founder of the discipline of crisis management and was founder and director of the USC Center for Crisis Management.

"Known for his thinking and writing on a wide range of business and societal issues, Dr. Mitroff is the author of 26 previous books, including A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America, Smart Thinking for Crazy Times, The Essential Guide to Managing Corporate Crisis, The Unbounded Mind, and Managing Crises Before They Happen...

"He is married to Donna D. Mitroff, Ph.D., an Adjunct Professor at The Annenberg School of Communication. Daughter Dana A. Mitroff, M.A., is the Head of Online Services for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. "[1] Author of A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America: A Hard Look at Spirituality, Religion, and Values in the Workplace, with Elizabeth A. Denton, Jossey-Bass Inc. Publishers, San Francisco, 1999.

"In addition, he has been a follower of Ken Wilber’s work since the early 1908’s. In his early book, Stakeholders of the Organizational Mind, he specifically references Wilbert’s work." [2]

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