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"Igor Witkowski is born in 1963 in Warsaw, Poland. Since 1990, he has worked as a journalist dealing with military technology as well as the history of World War II. He was editor-in-chief of the magazine Technika Wojskowa (Military Technology), presently he is editor-in-chief of the historical magazine, World War II. So far he has also written 15 books and about 100 articles on these subjects. Since 1997 he has dedicated himself mainly to the collection and analysis of materials—the sources for his last book—The Truth about the Wunderwaffe. He has worked in various archives on three continents." The Truth about the Wunderwaffe was published in 2013 by RVP Press. [1]

Nazi UFOs

"The inspiration of nearly everything found on the Internet today about Nazi flying saucers is a book, written in the year 2000 by Polish military historian Igor Witkowski called The Truth About The Wunderwaffe. Witkowski told an amazing tale: He was given access to (but not allowed to copy) the classified transcript of an interrogation by Polish agents of the Nazi SS officer Jakob Sporrenberg. Through this transcript, Witkowski claimed to have learned about Die Glocke. This account became popular in the West when aviation writer Nick Cook included it in his popular 2002 book The Hunt for Zero Point, a tale of the cranks and colorful characters who have tried to invent anti-gravity machines. Since that time, you've been able to find all you want on the Internet about Nazi flying saucers." review

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