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Ike formed Leap Ventures in 2006 with Chad Cameron to create transformative movies such as Leap! and A Journey In Miracles. He is also the co-founder of Avaiya Media. Ike’s ultimate passion is experiencing the joys and challenges of raising two gorgeous daughters to live a life of true power, fun and exploration. He lives in Boulder, Colorado. Ike's website is www.avaiya.com.[1]

In 2010 he directed A Course in Miracles, a documentary.

"Leap! features interviews with many of the greatest visionaries, scientists and authors, including: Robert Scheinfeld, Dan Millman, Cynthia James, Joe Vitale, Fred Knight, Fred Alan Wolf,Michael Brown, Gary Crowley, Gary Renard, Amir Zoghi, Nicole Casanova,Tom And Linda Carpenter, Ingrid Elfver, Lyn Corona,Manny Otto, Amber Terrell, John Sherman,William Arntz, James Twyman, Peter Russell, Puppetji and Max Simon. " [1]

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