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Previously funded the right-wing Industrial Research and Information Services, a blacklisting organization.

Seumas Milne's book The Enemy Within notes:

"..Industrial Trust, whose trustees included the former Coal Board chairman Lord Robens, the Tory peer Lord McAlpine and Lord Boyd-Carpenter... The same conduit also helped pay for the McCarthyite smear-sheet British Briefing, published in the late 1980s by Margaret Thatcher's coal-strike confidant, David Hart.
"IRIS and similar groups, such as 'Common Cause', continued to operate into the 1990s, but they had long since become discredited as transparent cold-war front organizations outside the narrowest of hard-right labour-movement circles. In later years, the more respectable Jim Conway Foundation, which acted as an educational outfit, took over part of IRIS's role as a focus for right-wing networks in the trade-union movement. The foundation's accounts from the 1990s showed that it was being financed by the Dulverton Trust, which was established by a Conservative peer and industrialist and whose trustees included the former Tory ministers Lord Carrington and Lord Gowrie. The same trust also funded IRIS and the Institute for the Study of Conflict, the propaganda outfit run by the CIA and MI6 'alongsider', Brian Crozier." (pp.387)

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