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Institute of Safety, Security and Information Technology (ISSIT) Ltd

(ISSIT Ltd )Institute of Safety, Security and IT Ltd is the first private leading Investigative Agency, Consultancy and Training Institute in Bangladesh on Security with a wide range of very specialized international security services including research, training, risk management, security consultancy, investigation, information gathering and high-risk security related solutions. Registration: The companies act, 1994(act-xviii of 1994) in ‘Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms’ Dhaka, Board of Investment Bangladesh

Security Services.

ISSIT Ltd works for developing integrated and complete proactive, preventative security systems -- systems that blend people, equipment, technology and procedures to produce specific results. Its business is focused on following areas of security solutions:

  • Private Investigation, Information Gathering
  • Consultancy on Risk Management, Security Audit/Assessment
  • Development of Security awareness.
  • High Risk Security Solutions including physical security services.
  • Research and Training

Training & Research

Training Courses.

We are innovators and know that training techniques and requirement for security professional are ever changing; our techniques have been tried and tested. We develop training courses basing on your organizational actual requirement. We do have expertise and training materials, manuals to develop any kind of course to meet your force requirement. The references and books that we follow:

  • Security Operations Management by Robert D. McCrie
  • ‘The FBI” written by Ronald Kessler (USA)
  • ‘Security –An inside look at the tactics of the NYPD’ written by Howard Safir and Ellis Whitman (Edition July 2003-USA)
  • Ultimate Spy’ written by H.Keith Melton (USA)
  • ISSIT précis ‘Quest for TQP’, and ‘Psychology’
  • ‘Management –A global perspective’ written by Heinz Weihrich and Harold Koontz

- Risk Analysis and the Security Survey by James F Broder.

Courses conducted by ISSIT Ltd.

Courses for Commercial & Corporate Security, Risk Managers (01 week -04 weeks)

  • Basic Course on Security, Protection and Crime Prevention
  • Private Security Operations
  • Course on Corporate Risk Management
  • Advanced Executive Protection
  • Industrial Security
  • Security Awareness
  • Surveillance , Counter Surveillance
  • Information Gathering
  • Private Investigation, Interrogation
  • Psychological Counseling

Courses Offered by Trojan Securities Inc. USA.

For Military, Police and other Security Services (Visit: )

  • Counter Terrorism Course
  • Hostage rescue, recovery & Negotiations (Hostile environment) Course
  • Advanced Close Executive Protection (High risk situation) Course
  • Advanced Close Quarter Combat (CQB) Course
  • Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Course
  • Special operation ,advance Urban Warfare Course
  • Tactical & Specialist Weapons Course
  • Detection and Dog squad training course
  • Witness Protection Course
  • Anti-Kidnap Techniques Course
  • Maritime Security & Anti Piracy Course
  • Small Units Tactics Course
  • Police Training Course
  • Anti smuggling/drug trafficking course

Contact details:

Institute of Safety, Security and Information Technology Ltd (ISSIT )

House # 02, Rd # 14, Sector # 3, Uttara, and Dhaka-1230.

Telephone: 882-8932403, 882-8963530

Cell: 88-01712650270, 88-01552479682

Web: ,,