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In January 1998, Intellibridge was co-founded as The Newmarket Company by current CEO David J. Rothkopf and former U.S. National Security Advisor (1993-1997) Anthony Lake. "Lake serves as co-chair of the company's global advisory board and as a member of the company's board of directors."[1]

The Newmarket Company has been described as a "Washington D.C.-based provider of international information and advisory services specializing in the world's emerging markets."[2]

According to the Washington Business Journal, Rothkopf began Intellibridge following his two years (1996-1998) as Managing Director of Kissinger Associates, Inc., the geopolitical consulting group chaired by Henry Kissinger, the former U.S. secretary of state.

It is alleged that, in launching Intellibridge, Rothkopf had the help of "several former government officials and spooks, including Anthony Lake and former CIA director John Mark Deutch, who was accused in 2000 of mishandling sensitive data while serving at the CIA and previously as an undersecretary at the Defense Department."[3]

Re Intellibridge people: "Many of his associates at Intellibridge served in top posts in the Clinton administration. The chairman and founder of Intellibridge, and John C. Gannon's immediate superior, is Anthony Lake, who once served as Clinton's national security adviser, and was at one time slated to head the CIA before he withdrew from consideration in March 1997 after serious flaws in his background were publicly aired, including his shameful role in supporting the Khmer Rouge takeover in Cambodia, where they promptly set about butchering the Cambodian people."

On March 30, 2001, RED HERRING described Intellibridge's services as "open-source intelligence, customized content, and analysis to the military and corporations ... THE HERRING TAKE: Intellibridge's management team is chock full of well-connected -- and well-heeled -- Washington insiders. Their very names open a wide variety of doors, and their phone calls are usually returned promptly. Anthony Lake, who served as Bill Clinton's National Security Advisor from 1993 to 1997, is Intellibridge's chairman. CEO David Rothkopf is a former deputy undersecretary of commerce, and Nicholas Rey, Intellibridge's principal, is a former U.S. ambassador to Poland who held that post from 1993 through 1997. The startup serves as a private intelligence service using open-source information for corporations and the U.S. military. The idea is to proffer the strategic information obtained through available channels and customize it. Intellibridge's client list is growing -- it now counts the military, consumer firms, chemical companies, and financial service entities as paying subscribers. Information leaving Intellibridge's servers is delivered via multimedia channels with the requisite security encryption to keep it secure. The three-year-old startup was originally founded by Mr. Lake under the name of the Newmarket Company. Targeting Fortune 50 companies exclusively, Mr. Rothkopf declined to provide his monthly burn. He did say his post-money valuation is in the 'tens of millions' neighborhood and that Intellibridge will be profitable by year's end. --R.B.R."[4] In February 2001, the Taiwan Central News Agency referred to Intellibridge simply as a "U.S.-based think tank."[5]

Note: Other sources credit the founding of Newmarket Company LLC to Rothkopf.[6] Rothkopf was the company president in April 1998[7] and in 1999 he was described as both co-founder and president.[8]

About Intellibridge

"Intellibridge Corporation offers knowledge management and intelligence services for global corporations and organizations through its revolutionary Enterprise Intelligence Portal (EIP), Intellibridge Expert Network, and Global Scenarios." The company claims that its "customized, integrated knowledge management tools bring a new level of intelligence, communication, and effective decision-support to Global 1000 companies and large, globally focused government agencies."

"Intellibridge Corporation combines the latest Internet search and communications technologies with top-notch analysts and experts to provide ... clients with customized Internet-based intelligence. Intellibridge provides daily intelligence and analysis custom-researched for the client, interactive access to a network of top globally recognized experts in every market, unique customized strategic research tools, and specially designed live and Webcast scenario events with top experts to help your company stay ahead of the competition. Intellibridge is a total 24/7 intelligence service tailored to the changing competitive and market requirements of the client and to the needs of specific users within that company."

Homeland Security Monitor

The Homeland Security Monitor is an internet portal for Intellibridge which promotes Intellibridge services, experts, and a "short daily e-mail - an up-to-the-minute intelligence briefing drawn from extensive English and foreign language (including 12 Arabic) sources, and from Intellibridge's panel of terrorism analysts and experts." It includes:

  • The latest homeland security threat assessments.
  • The latest policy and regulatory developments in Washington DC.
  • Other news that will affect your job of keeping your constituents safe.

Executive Management Team

Partial List of the Intellibridge Expert Network (IEN)

The Patial Network Directory, 18-pages of experts, includes:


3307 M Street, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20007

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