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International Action

"We are demonstrating in Haiti that an inexpensive chlorinator with new safe chlorine tablets can provide clean water in even the poorest community for less than 25 cents per person per year. Through village level training and installations we are developing teams to stop these diseases in province after province.

"Our vision is of a world where every child will attend school, enhance their talents, and live to participate positively in their community. Clean water will be a most important public health measure to make this possible." [1]


Accessed January 2009: [2]

  • Anne Zill, Chairperson | Anne Zill remains one of the nation's most active women's rights leaders, helped start the Women's Campaign Fund, serves as the president of the Fund for Constitutional Government and the president of the Center for Ethics in Action. Runs the gallery at Univ. of New England.
  • Bill Curry, President | Served as counselor to former President Clinton during his second term, writes a regular column for the Hartford Courant.
  • Heung Hwan Lee, Secretary | Korean Journalist, Director of the Korean Information Project. Lived in China for two years.
  • Victor Grinev, Treasurer | Self-employed Russian-American in the drilling equipment business. Worked with International Center on funding, regularly visits Russia.
  • William Bodri | Copywriter, marketing for Fortune 500 firms.
  • Esther Brooks | Long-time supporter of International Action's work. Taught ballet for many years to poor children, including Vicki Rowell. (See The Women Who Raised Me.)
  • Alfredo Forti | Deputy Minister of Defense, Argentina. Served as OAS official for Reconciliation in El Salvador for several years. Has worked with us as an intern, then a member of the staff, and now as a Board member.
  • Raynald Lamothe | Haitian-American businessman born in Thiotte, now lives in Brooklyn. Visited 20 of International Action's sites, in regular contact with Dalebrun Esther.
  • Arthur Lewis | Worked for U.S. AID for 30 years. Became one of the first black U.S. ambassadors, to Sierra Leone.
  • Edward Rawson | An early World Federalist, Chair of the International Center, active in Citizens for Global Solutions.
  • Franz Stuppard | Haitian-American from Bethel, U.S. Air Force Veteran, Advisor on Haiti for Trees for the Future.
  • Lindsay Mattison | Executive Director, International Action.

Directors (2008)

Accessed May 2008: [3]



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