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The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) (formerly known as the Center for Foreign Journalists) "was founded in 1984 as an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of journalism worldwide, especially in countries with little or no tradition of an independent press.

"ICFJ believes that vigorous, independent media are essential building blocks on which democracy, freedom and human rights must be based. The Center is committed to working with colleagues around the globe to: share journalistic, managerial and technical expertise; provide the latest information on media developments, journalism ethics and professional practices; offer support services relevant to changing needs; and encourage vital and independent media that are professionally, ethically and financially grounded.
"The Center receives more than 75 percent of its funding from sponsoring foundations and agencies in the form of program grants and fees for its services. ICFJ's general operating support comes exclusively from the private sector in the form of contributions from individuals, news organizations, corporations and foundations. The Center is an independent, nonprofit §[[1(c)(3)]institution." [1]

"The Center was founded in 1984 by Tom Winship, Jim Ewing and George Krimsky in the belief that vigorous, independent media are essential building blocks on which democracy, freedom and human rights must be based. ICFJ has trained more than 20,000 journalists and media managers in almost every country around the world on topics such as investigative reporting, election coverage, media management, ethics and freedom of expression." Pdf

"The International Journalists' Network ( ), launched by ICFJ in 1998, connects 11,000 journalists and others around the world and provides a community for the exchange of resources and media assistance news. ICFJ can tap into this network of journalists and media organizations, who are working to improve the state of journalism in all regions of the world." [2]

"CFJ has run some 260 programs, serving more than 4,000 participants from 170 countries. For French- and Spanish-speakers, courses are given in their first language; otherwise, the programs are conducted in English.

"The center's own operations -- the headquarters itself, staff salaries, research, and publications -- are paid for by contract fees, program grants, and a continuing infusion of donations from publishers, individuals, and other private sources. The programs themselves are funded by governmental entities -- the U.S. Information Service, the United Nations -- or by private foundations, often those with a particular interest in a subject or a specific region of the world. The World Wide Fund for Nature, for instance, supported the training of 13 reporters from five South American countries in environmental reporting, and the Asia Foundation paid for a session run for Taiwanese journalists." [3]


For a full list of individual, corporate and foundation donors see. Here are a select few:


In 2000, "The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation awarded the largest single grant it has ever given US$9 million to the International Center for Journalists to continue its international fellowship program." [4]


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