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The International Center for Toxicology & Medicine appears to have been established to service the tobacco (and other) industries in the early 1990s with witnesses in product liability cases. Nancy J Balter retired from Georgetown University in 1995 and joined Philip Witorsch in running this organisation. Since all known members were tobacco lobbyists with links to Georgetown University and its IAPAG, the infamous Indoor Air Pollution Advisory Group (the first of the industry's Whitecoats organisations of secret supporting scientists), it is reasonable to assume tat ICTM was a retirement home of ex-IAPAG members who needed an affiliation with an organisation that sounded important.

Philip Witorsch gave ICTM as his scientific affiliation when addressing a journalists conference associated with the Pacific Area Health Organisation (PAHO - a branch of the World Health Organisation WHO) Philip and his brother Rafael Witorsch (also a tobacco lobbyist) were attending the Bariloche '91 and Costa Rica '92 conferences of PAHO [1] The organisation has a “Statement of Capabilities,” and it apparently provides services of

“scientific and medical consultation in litigation; evaluation and remediation support in problems of indoor air quality; performance of human health and ecological risk assessments; scientific support in drug related issues; scientific consultation in regulatory compliance; and clinical medical evaluations….Clients include chemical, oil and other manufacturing companies, casualty insurance companies, states and municipalities, and trade associations.”

Center for Environmental Health & Human Toxicology (CEHHT)
Indoor Air Pollution Advisory Group (IAPAG)
International Center for Toxicology & Medicine

The “Principals” of ICTM are:

[Note:The name appears to have been copied from the International Society of Toxicology & Pharmacology, which was run by a cabal of tobacco lobbyists, but from a different region. (Gio B Gori, W Gary Flamm and John P Frawley.]


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