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The International Council on Human Rights Policy "was established in Geneva in 1998 to conduct applied research into problems and dilemmas that face organisations working in the field of human rights." Their website adds:

"The Council is independent of governments and inter-governmental organisations as well as voluntary and private sector organisations. It works closely with all such bodies in the pursuit of its research objectives.
"The Council is governed by its Executive Board, which is responsible for direction of the Council’s programme, finances and organisation. All decisions to start research are taken by the Board.
"The Board appoints the International Council, which may have up to thirty Members, including Board Members. Council Members meet annually to identify and discuss emerging international human rights issues and recommend themes for research to the Executive Board. The original Council met for the first time in Cairo in 1997. Subsequent meetings have taken place in Lima in 1998, in Geneva in 1999, in Jakarta in 2001, in Geneva in 2002, in Guadalajara in 2003, in Geneva in 2004 and in Lahore in 2005. Council Members serve for a period of three years, renewable once.
"The programme is implemented by a Secretariat based in Geneva. The Secretariat ensures that projects are well designed and well managed, and that research findings are brought to the attention of relevant authorities and actors, and those who have a direct interest in the policy areas concerned." [1]




Present Council Members


Former Council Members

* Have also been Members of the Board.  



48 chemin du Grand-Montfleury

P.O. Box 147

CH-1290 Versoix

Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: +41 (0) 22 775 33 00

Fax: +41 (0) 22 775 33 03



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