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The magazine of the tobacco-industry controlled Institute for International Health & Development controlled by David A Morse and Paul G Dietrich

1989 Jul (Summer) The Summer edition (Vol 1 No 2) of the International Health & Development magazine. It was listed as produced by The Catholic University of America's Institute for International Health and Development. [2] At this time David A Morse was still listed as Chairman of the IIHD, Paul G Dietrich was President, Elizabeth Kristol (daughter of Irvin and sister of Billy) was both Publisher and Executive Director, Elisabeth M Squire was Production Manager, and Graciela D Testa was Editor and Editorial Director.

A Privatisation article was by Ronald D Utt. Both Ron Utt and Gracela Testa were from the National Chamber Foundation (NCF) and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and associated with the Center for Policy Research and the Center for Public Research (Amitai Etzioni) and with Carol Hrycaj and Susan Stuntz at the Tobacco Institute in 1991 [3] The NCF charged the Tobacco Institute $130,626 per year to run another journal. [4] In 1989 Utt was also the John M. Olin Senior Fellow in Political Economy at the Heritage Foundation. Prior to this, he served as Reagan's Associate Director for Privatization at the Office of Management and Budget and as editor of the Journal of Economic Growth. [5]