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The International Society of Regulatory Toxicology & Pharmacology (ISRTP)should not be confused with the International Society of Toxicology or others with a similar name. This organisation is of great interest to students of the tobacco industry's document archives because of the chain-linked list of Presidents and Vice Presidents -- mostly tireless workers for the tobacco industry. This organisation was often run by tobacco's favourite scientists who were willing to work for them on the quiet.

The ISRTP says that it has "Chapters for the improvement of health and safety regulations worldwide" and that

Membership in ISRTP is open to all individuals interested in the scientific, sociological and legal concepts pertinent to Ehe use of biomedical data in formulating health and safety regulations. Membership is especially extended to attorneys and those involved in regulatory Issues related to toxicology .

Membership in the Society includes a subscription to the RTP Journal for each year of dues-paid membership and reduced rates at all ISRTP meetings and conferences . ISRTP membership provides an opportunity for cross-disciplinary examination of regulatory and scientific policy and an opportunity to exchange ideas with health and safety decisionmakers.

A quarterly Society Newsletter informs members about iSRTP plans and programs.


The 1990 brochure thanks sponsors and benefactors which are mainly big companies with regulatory problems:: ARCO Technology, Borden, Inc ., Burroughs Wellcome Co ., The Dow Chemical Company, The Gillette Company,Hercules Incorporated, Hoffmann-la Roche, Inc., RJR Nabisco, Inc., White Sands Research Center. There was also one one-man-company sponsorship by Gio B Gori which was later replaced in their publications by his Health Policy Center. His associate, Ronald E Gots later became a named sponsor through his National Medical Advisory Service and then also Bernard L Oser who ran the Food and Drug Research Laboratories Inc. at Maspath in New York City.

Documents & TimeLine

1984 Oct Supposed date when founded. The future secretary of the ISRTP and managing editor of their Journal, C Jelleff Carr, was a consultant for the Nutrition Foundation Inc. Columbia MD at this time.

1984/85 President unknown

1985/86 President unknown

1986/87 President unknown

1987/88 President unknown

1988/1989 The president was Albert C Kolbye Jr. and the vice president was John P Frawley. The tobacco industry began to take notice of this organisation at about this time.

1989/1990 The president was John P Frawley PhD and the vice president was W Gary Flamm. This year Dr Gio B Gori was one of five Council members. It's official journal is The Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology Journal

The ISRTP sponsors the Council for Health and Environmental Safety of Soils (CHESS). Funds are provided by government, industry, and private sectors and administered by ISTRP.
Membership costs $100 and Student membership is $50, paid to: Dr C Jelleff Carr, Secretary, 6546 Bellevlew Drive, Columbia, MD [3]

1990/1991 W Gary Flamm was now president and Dr Gio B Gori was vice president. Membership has now risen to $150. A Wallace Hayes ("Wally") the Group Director of R&D at RJ Reynolds Tobacco (a toxicologist) was an associate editor of the journal along with John P Frawley (Gio B Gori and A Wallace Hayes had both been members of the Saccharing= Technical Committee of the ILSI, in 1984)

1990 Nov W Gary Flamm has written a "Review of the Draft EPA Health Effects of Passives Smoking paper". His list of credentials includes the fact that he served for 25 years with the US Public Health Service; is a fellow of the the American College of Toxicology, and was currently the President of the ISRTP. [4]

1991 Aug 30 Gio B Gori of the Health Policy Center, Bethesda, Maryland and W Gary Flamm of Flamm Associates are the rapporteurs at a workshop on Cancer Risk Assessment. Also involved are: John D Graham, Suresh Moolgavar (Fred Hutuchnson Cancer Research Ctr Seattle), Albert C Kolby Jr, of Kolbye Associates, Michael A Gallo, C Jelleff Carr (Scientific Information Associates), Richard B Belzer (OMB), Colin N Park (Dow Chemicals), Ernest E McConnell (Consultant). [5]

Gio Gori was also the editor of its journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. and the society numbers John D Graham and Dennis Paustenback among the illustrious group of corporate-friendly scientific hacks that make up its membership list.

1991 Oct 16 A one day ISRTP workshop on "Ups and Downs of Cancer Incidence Rates -- Projections for the Next Century" held at Stouffer Concorse Hotel, Arlington VA. Speakers were

1961/1992 Gio B Gori was president and was vice president

1992 Nov 19-20 The ISRTP has joined with the National Medical Advisory Service in a symposium on Multiple Chemical Sensitivies: State of the Science conference held at Arlington VA . The National Medical Advisory Service]] was run by tobacco lobbyist, Ronald E Gots and his wife Dr. Barbara Ann Gots, at Bethesda MD. (See International Center for Toxicology & Medicine) [7]

Noteworthy participants (about 20% of the total) are:

1996 June Dr Gio Gori was once again the President of the International Society of/for Regulatory Toxicology & Pharmacology [8]

2004 April The Journal of the ISRTP "Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology" is still edited by Gio B Gori but it as some new and notable Associate Editors:

Articles include "Mainstream smoke constituent yields ..." (comparing brands - by Philip Morris staff) - 23 pages. [11]