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The International Society of the Built Environment (ISBE) is little more than a name-change from the infamous Indoor Air International (IAI) organisation, which was itself an offshoot of Associates for Research on Indoor Air (ARIA).

These were all funded by Philip Morris as scientific fronts for their WhiteCoats program, and they were run by George B Leslie It organised so-called scientific conferences on IAQ and ETS and ran a journal with an editorial board which is a 30-name list of the corrupt scientists who worked in Europe for the tobacco industry.

WhiteCoats Orgs.
IAPAG   (Nth America)
ARIA   (UK & Europe)
EGIL   (Scandanavia)
EMIES (E Med/N.Africa)
ARTIST   (S.E. Asia)
APTRC   (East Asia)
APAIAQ (Asia-Pacific)