International Sovereign Energy Corp.

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International Sovereign Energy Corp., incorporated in 1992, is a Canadian-based "publicly traded exploration and development company with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; and Islamabad, Pakistan and is active in the exploration and development of hydrocarbon reserves in Western Canada and internationally." [1]

International Sovereign Energy Corp. shares are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ISR. "At year-end 2004, the company had 8,888,082 shares issued and outstanding." [2]



  • Lutfur Rahman Khan, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Waseem Rahman, Sr. Vice President Administration & Corporate Secretary
  • Omair Choudhry, MBA, Sr. Vice President Chief Financial Officer
  • David Quinn, Vice President Operations

Contact Information

Executive Office, Vancouver
502, 815 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC Canada, V6Z 2E6
Tel: (604) 684-7372
Fax: (604) 684-2407

Overseas Office
No. 9 Street 40
Sector F - 7/1
Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel: 011-92-51-265 1732
Fax: 011-92-51-265 17