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The term Intimigate was coined September 30, 2003, by David Sirota of the Center for American Progress to describe "the well established pattern ... that the Bush Administration has summarily fired, intimidated and defamed anyone who has had the courage to tell the truth about Iraq." [1][2][3]

Name the "-gate"

On October 1, 2003 MetaFilter put forth the challenge to "come up with a new name for the CIA-Wilson-Plame business that [didn't] include the term 'gate.'

Entries included

The Plame Game
Karl's Bad.

Other of the numerous suggestions were:

Chickenhawk Down
Plame Out
Karl Rover, Karl Rover, the CIA calls you over
Sucks to be you '03
Follow the YellowCake Road. To Treason
... and many, many more.

The October 20, 2003, edition of the Washington Post featured "Many Names for a Scandal" ... "And now, the winners in the latest In the Loop Name That Scandal Contest'. This was to name the flap over columnist Robert Novak's column exposing CIA operative Valerie Plame, wife of Bush Iraq policy critic and former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV.

"Weapons of Mate Destruction ... Stinker Tattled, Exposed Spy ... Punditdidit ... Karlsbad Comment ... The Plame Game ... Nom De Plame ... NOC-out Punch (refers to Plame's alleged status as a No Official Cover agent, meaning if she had been nabbed, she would have had no diplomatic protection) ... Spyfinger ...

"Intimigate -- The first entry received, actually entered before we had thought of having a contest, submitted by former Hill staffer David Sirota, who is now working for the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank ... Retaligate ..."

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