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In 2006, Invisible Children, Inc., became an official 501(c)3 non-profit which has "financial connections to hard right Christian fundamentalist organisations, [and] is led by an evangelical Christian." There was is focused on Uganda. [1] (For a similar example of a better known evangelical Christian nonprofit, see World Vision.)

"A lot of people fear Christians, they fear Liberty University, they fear Invisible Children - because they feel like we have an agenda. They see us and they go, "You want me to sign up for something, you want my money. You want, you want me to believe in your God." And it freaks them out." --- Jason Russell, speaking at Liberty University, November 7, 2011. [2]


Accessed April 2012: [3]

Board (2007)

Accessed April 2012: [4]

The 2007 report notes "special thanks" to: Africare, Tom Shadyac, ProVision Foundation, Terry Caster, Barbara Caster, Greg Hammond, Debbie Hammond, Wellspring International, Bridgeway Foundation, Guess, The Reber Foundation, Circle Family Foundation, Kibo Group




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