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Iran Press Watch is a website that is "documenting the trials of the Baha’i Community in Iran"[1] According to the website of the Egyptian Baha'is, Iran Press Watch "provides the latest news regarding the Baha'is of Iran and their persecution by their own government. It also updates its readers with the world's reaction to the gross injustice experienced by the Baha'is of Iran."[2]According to its website, "Iran Press Watch is an independent research entity, and is not affiliated with the Baha’i administration."[3]. Iran Press Watch was founded by[4], Ahang Rabbani, PhD, a Baha'i historian, translator, and author, who acted as Editor-in-Chief[5]and Phillip Tussing, president of the trading firm Facilitation International[6],a Baha'i educator with the online Baha'i learning center, the Willmette Institute[7] and collaborator with Ahang Rabbani on the publication "Witnesses to Bábí and Bahá’í History"[8], who oversaw editing work of the team that grew to 14 volunteer contributors and editors.

Founding Staff (at site launch in November 2008)[9]

Current Staff

The original founding team was disbanded in early 2010. It is unknown who is currently in charge of the website as the "About" page does not refer to any individuals.

Contributors (Past and present)


Resources and articles

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