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Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) "went public on July 28, 2004, during the Veterans For Peace annual convention in Boston, MA. The groundwork was laid when Mike Hoffman met Tim Goodrich in March, 2004 at the Dover to D.C. march, a protest of the war in Iraq and a memorial to the fallen soldiers."[1]

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan

Inspired by the Winter Soldier hearings of Vietnam Veterans Against the War in 1971, IVAW is organizing a national inquirty into the conduct of current wars, to be held near Washington, DC, March 13-16 2008 and called Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan.

Supporting Iraq war resisters

During the weekend of August 18-19, 2007, at its annual membership meeting, IVAW decided to "launch a campaign encouraging U.S. troops to refuse to fight," Aaron Glantz wrote in OneWorld US.[2]

"To underscore that point," Glantz wrote, "the veterans group elected Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia chair of its board of directors. In the winter of 2003, Mejia was the first soldier to refuse to return to fight in Iraq after an initial tour in the war zone.

"When Mejia came home on leave after six months in Iraq, he went AWOL rather than return. Ultimately, he served nine months in prison after the military denied his demand to be discharged as a conscientious objector."[2]

"Iraq Veterans Against the War has also begun organizing among active duty soldiers on military bases. Veterans have toured the country in busses holding barbeques outside the base gates. ... [and] also plans to step up efforts to undermine military recruiting efforts in the coming year," Glantz wrote.[2]

September 15 Coalition: D.C. Chapter

The District of Columbia chapter of IVAW, which supports the September 15 Coalition—initiated by A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism)—will lead a "mass civil disobediance action" on September 15, 2007, in Washington, D.C.[3]

"The September 15 March on Washington DC will be taking the anti-war movement to a new level," A.N.S.W.E.R. states on its website. "This will not be a typical demonstration. These will be Days of Decision as General David Petraeus issues the Pentagon and White House report on September 15 insisting that the war must drag on for years to come."[4]

"Iraq war veterans and their families, as well as active duty U.S. servicemembers, will form a large front contingent of the demonstration. Following a permitted march they will lead a large scale Die-In of thousands of people who will dramatically symbolize all those who have fallen in the Iraq war. This part of the demonstration will be a civil disobedience action and those participating will be prepared to risk arrest. Everyone should be very clear: you do not need to participate in the civil disobedience action, and everyone will have the option of participating only in the permitted march and rally.[5]


The mission of the IVAW is:[6]

  • 1. Bring the troops home now.
  • 2. Support Iraqi reconstruction in whatever way possible.
  • 3. Support our veterans and our troops now and upon their return home.

Board of Directors

Past IVAW board of directors includes the following.[7]


The IVAW staff includes the following.[11]

Founding members

Contact details

This group has moved their headquarters to NYC.

Their new contact number there is 646-723-0989

P.O. Box 8296
Philadelphia, PA 19101
Phone: 215 241-7123
FAX: 215 241-7177
E-mail: ivaw AT
Press requests: media AT

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