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Iridian Technologies, Inc., headquartered in both Moorestown, NJ and Geneva, Switzerland, considers itself the "world leader" in the fields of research, development and marketing of authentication technologies that are based on iris recognition, which the company considers to be the 'most accurate biometric identifier'.[1]

The company's client base for its hardware and software products are "Fortune 1000 companies; the government, including public safety and justice; and the transportation, healthcare and financial service industries." [2]

On October 10, 2000, Iridian Technologies, Inc. assumed a new name. It was formerly known as IriScan, Inc. The company also announced the "establishment of a European subsidiary and the receipt of $33.3 million in investment funding led by GE Equity in what is believed to be the largest single investment to date in a biometrics company." IriScan had recently merged with Sensar, Inc., a "former manufacturer and licensee of IriScan's patented technology." [3]


"Iridian is a well funded company with premier backers, including: GE Equity, Itochu Finance Corporation of Japan, Joh. Enschedé, J.P. Morgan Capital, Lehman Brothers, NPM Capital N.V. of the Netherlands, Merrill Lynch, Perseus 2000 LLC and Walden Capital Partners L.P.. [4]

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