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Isaac Mao "is a blogger, software architect, entrepreneur, investor - and researcher in learning technology and social technology. He divides his time between research, social works, business and technology. He is now running/advising some non-profit programs and several for-profit businesses in China.

"As one of the earliest bloggers in the Chinese community, Isaac is not only co-founder of which is the earliest evangelizing site in China on grassroots publishing, but also the co-organizer of Chinese Blogger Conference (2005 in Shanghai, 2006 in Hangzhou). The CNBlog team then transformed into Social Brain Foundation(SBF) later on to promote free culture in China covering Free Access, Free Speech and Free Thinking areas. The current projects SBF is supporting includes Ideas Factory, Open Education and Creative Commons China, etc.

"Isaac is also a global bridge in blogosphere. He is regular speaker/keynote to Wikimania, Chinese Internet Conference and other global internet cultural events. As a trained software engineer, he has a long history leads developing both business and consumer software. He worked as a Chief Architect in Intel HomeCD project and Tangram BackSchool suite. He applied many HCI methodogies into software design process and improved the usability of software so much. He turns to Social Computing research and organized the first Social Software Forum in China.

"Isaac Mao earned BS degree in Computer Science and got MBA training program at Shanghai Jiaotong University. Isaac is also a pedagogy consultant to some local institutions. He acts as advisors for some local hi-tech firms on their business strategy. Isaac Mao was listed as the people of “2006-2016, Map of the Decade”, by Institute for the Future. He is also as director of Shanghai Youth Development Foundation." [1]