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Islamic bigotry is a term that has been embraced by some conservative critics of some Islamic advocates. The purported bigotry is then used to malign Islam in toto, e.g., by Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, et al. The term is also used together with similar pejorative phrases like Islamofascism or Islamofascist.[1]

For example, the Terrorism Awareness Project run by Stephen Miller at the David Horowitz Freedom Center seeks to cast "islamic bigotry" in US political terms. "The political left has a public relations problem. It is in bed with the Islamo-Fascists who are attacking us. It runs interference for them; it tries to persuade Americans that no threat exists; and it labels anyone who says differently an "Islamo-phobe" and a "racist", it states on its website.[2]

The Daily Telegraph in August 2008 published an article titled: "Islamic bigotry is still bigotry" regarding the infamous "undercover Mosque" [3] documentary on UK's TV Channel 4 that revealed in 2007 purported bigotry preached by mainstream mosques in the UK against non-Muslims.[4]. But the provenance of most of this information came from reports commissioned by Policy Exchange a neocon think tank and pressure group in the UK.[5]

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