Ivo H. Daalder

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Ivo H. Daalder is a Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution. According to his profile on the Brookings' website, Daalder lists his expertise as American foreign policy; arms control, nuclear weapons, missile defense; Europe; foreign policy process and national security. [1]

Daalder is also a signatory to the January 2005 Project for a New American Century letter to the Congress urging an increase in the number of troops in Iraq.


On the publication of the 2006 National Security Strategy, Daalder had the following to say about the demise of what he refers to as the "Bush Revolution":

The reversal is clear in the way the strategy shifts the balance from emphasizing force to emphasizing diplomacy, from relying on America's unilateral power to relying on multilateral alliances and institutions, from stressing the need to ensure America's military preeminence to stressing the importance of enhancing our power by working with others.[2]