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Prof. JJ Amaral Mendez, Environmental toxicologist, food scientist, endocrine disrupter researcher at the Universidade de Evora, (the surname is often hyphenated also) worked for the tobacco industry.

  • Histopathology of primary lung tumours in the mouse.
  • The endocrine disrupters: a major medical challenge. J.J. Amaral Mendes*. Universidade de Evora, Av. M. Mala, 48-5 E, 1000-203 Lisbon, Portugal. [2]]

Documents & Timelines

1988 Sept 21 Letter by Professor Roger Perry to the Commission of European Communities (CEC) includes a proposal for Indoor Air Pollution research in a number of countries. It contains a list of the experts that will be used in each country:

[Note: every one of the above was a Philip Morris-paid consultant]


1990 Nov 28 (PMI) Philip Morris International's Corporate Affairs division (under Andrew Whist) reported on the division's European activities in the two years since 1988. The also includes a list of 87 confirmed European scientific witnesses who have been recruited to provide disinformation services to the tobacco industry.

The report summary:

Twenty-eight Europeans were present. At least 400 copies of the book have been or are being distributed to journalists and parliamentarians, primarily in Belgium and Scandinavia. Use has been made of the Gray Robertson (ACVA/HBI) chapter in a number of briefings to journalists.
[Note: He ran the primary fake air-testing company HBI/ACVA]
A similar number of Europeans attended the Lisbon Conference on "Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation", which was organised by some of our consultants.
A book and one issue of Environmental Technology resulted.
[Note: The Environmental Technology (peer-reviewed) scientific journal was owned and edited by ARIA president, Prof Roger Perry. ARIA (George B Leslie) was also the recruitment and training organisation for Asian Whitecoats.]
Indoor Air International is organising a meeting on IAQ research next May at which many consultants will present papers.
These will be published in Indoor Environment, the peer reviewed journal of IAI.
Karger, a well respected European company is to be the publisher of this journal.
[Note: IAI was also run by Leslie and Perry as an offshoot of ARIA. The journal was 'peer reviewed' by other tobacco scientists in IAI. (IAI later changed name to ISBE -- theInternational Society of the Built Environment)]
  • Publications:
    • 1988 - 11;
    • 1989 - 15 excluding McGill [Proceedings];
    • 1990 - 25 so far;
    • 1991 - 2 books;
    • 1992 - Proceedings of Athens IAQ conference (Selper Press)
[Note: They know about publications of the Athens conference over a year before the event, because Selper Press was controlled by Roger Perry.]
  • Meetings attended:
    • 1989 - 7 ;
    • 1990 - 24 so far
  • Court cases. Commissions etc:
    • Three witnesses gave evidence in Australia. Others made written submissions
    • Two consultants gave evidence before the Magnusson Commission in Sweden
    • Seven consultants submitted written opinions to the EPA, one is to appear before the SAB (Scientific Advisory Board).
    • Our consultants assisted in the preparation of two submissions to the House of Commons Environment Committee hearing on IAQ.

The fax then provides a list of the 87 European consultants who have been recruited in the various states. Portugal is listed as having:

- Prof JJ Amaral-Mendes, Lisbon