James Barrington

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According to [1] James Barrington was an Executive Director of the League Against Cruel Sports.

"Barrington explains his motivation thus: "Because a Labour government seemed a long way off, I thought we should be doing something practical for animals, rather than failing to compromise because of our principles.""

He is now involved with the Middle Way Group APPG, and if you read his letter to the guardian here [2], has come rather a long way from his origins.

The Countryside Alliance quotes him as saying

"What is often missing from the argument is a willingness to look at the full picture and to discuss the repercussions of a ban. One thing is certain: if hunting with dogs is to be proscribed, other methods to kill foxes currently in use will take its place. These methods are not all preferable to hunting as far as the suffering of animals is concerned and some will be harder, if not impossible, to bring to account." (Tribune - 2nd May 2001) [3]

See also: [ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=%2Fopinion%2F2001%2F01%2F21%2Fdo04.xml], [4], [5], etc