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James D. "Jim" Hake is the founder of Spirit of America, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports humanitarian activities by US personnel (military and civilian) that help local people in Iraq and Afghanistan, its website states. [1][2]

Hake was invited by General Colin L. Powell to participate in the historic Presidents' Summit for America's Future where he served as an advisor on the use of the Internet. General Powell awarded Jim with the America`s Promise 'Red Wagon' for his contribution to the betterment of America`s children. Jim is the founder and former president of the Friends of Arjay Miller - Stanford Graduate School of Business's most long-lived student social institution.

In April 2005, Hake's blog announced that he was moving into a new business venture with his "partner", Ambassador Mark Palmer, to "create and invest in commercial, independent media enterprises (television, radio, Internet) in 'emerging democracies.'"


According to a 1997 profile, James Hake was "a co-founder and principal of Access Media, Inc., a Santa Monica-based information products and services company that addresses the fast-growing Internet and 'Information Highway' market."

Hake served as chairman of "the Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Awards, a private-sector initiative that recognizes examples of excellence and best practices in use of the Internet and Information Highway. Through events, publications and research, the program helps people understand and follow the examples identified by the GII Awards. The Awards program is supported by 60 industry, government and community leaders including AT&T, IBM, Sun, Time Magazine, Business Week, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the American Medical Association and the National League of Cities. The GII Awards also enjoys the endorsements of political leaders including Vice President Al Gore and House Speaker Newt Gingrich." [3]

"Hake's professional career has been focused on developing information products and education programs that help businesses, organizations and individuals understand and adopt advanced communications technologies. He has held management, marketing, and business development positions with such firms as: Rational Software, ROLM Corporation, and Science Applications Inc." [4]

Hake served "on the Telecommunications Advisory Board of the Southern California Association of Governments and was named to the 'Blue Ribbon Industry Panel' of the Enterprise Network Roundtable. He [was] an advisor to the Morino Institute's Educational Program to Advance the NII Initiative (EPANI); an advisor to New Parents Network; and a founder and former president of the Friends of Arjay Miller, Stanford Business School's most innovative and long-lived community-building program. He has served on the board of directors of the Humanitarian Law Project and is a regular speaker at industry conferences." [5]

Hake holds a BA in economics from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. [6]

Global Information Infrastructure (GII)

Hake "was a founding partner and president of Access Media Inc. - an information and media company serving the information technology industry" where he "started the company's GII (Global Information Infrastructure) business unit. GII created some of the industry's first Internet-focused media programs." Hake "sold Access Media's GII unit to SOFTBANK, the world's biggest investor in the Internet at the time. GII became a business unit of Ziff Davis - another SOFTBANK company - [where Hake served] as GII's chairman." [7]


Employment History [2]

  • Founding Partner and President, Access Media Inc.
  • Founder, Access Media Inc.
  • Position, Technology Working Group, Education Commission of the States
  • Member, Technology Working Group, Education Commission of the States
  • then-Iowa Governor, Education Commission of the States
  • Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SignalOne Media Corp
  • Chairman, Global Information Infrastructure Awards
  • Founder, Global Information Infrastructure Awards
  • President, Friends of Arjay Miller - Stanford Business School
  • Position, Software , Marketing and Media, PersistX Inc
  • Founder, PersistX Inc
  • Founder, The BigButtons Corporation
  • Chief Executive Officer, The BigButtons Corporation
  • Founder and Chairman, The Standard for Internet Commerce
  • Chairman, Technology Empowerment Network
  • Advisor On the Use (past), America's Future

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