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Image of Jay Lehr from his speakers bureau website

Jay H. Lehr, Ph.D. is a senior fellow and the Science Directof of the Heartland Institute. [1]He is a motivational speaker primarily to beleaguered employees in the embattled agribusiness and biotech industries. He claims to have received the nation’s first Ph.D. in Ground Water Hydrology from the University of Arizona in 1962. Dr. Lehr is described on his speakers bureau website as an "economist and futurist" who "makes people feel good about the environment and American Agriculture." The website promoting his speaking endeavors indicates that his talks can raise the morale of people working in the agribusiness sector: "With hard science to support his beliefs, he never fails to lift the spirits of the men and women working in every facet of agri-business today." He advertises that his talks can cover a vast variety of subject matter, ranging from "manure handling" to "biotechnology in agriculture." Dr. Lehr spoke at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change on the subject of "Humans are not the cause of Global Warming." He says he has written 19 books to help "spread true science, educate on today's hot topics and to dispell the unfair and inaccurate claims made by environmental advocacy groups."



Dr. Lehr's speaking clients list includes many of the world's biggest agribusiness and biotech companies, including Dow, Cargill and Monsanto.

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Via Heartland Institute
19 South LaSalle Street, Suite 903
Chicago, Illinois 60603


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