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Jeff Emanuel, a "professional writer and editor and a member of the 'new media revolution'", is a former Director of, "the online community recently recognized for being the 'right-leaning weblog most-read on Capitol Hill.' He is also an administrator and contributing editor for the bipartisan Georgia political weblog Peach Pundit[1]. In addition, he has been a columnist, weblogger, and contributing editor for news and opinion site[2].

Emanuel's columns have appeared in conservative publications such as "the Weekly Standard (online), the Washington Times, the American Thinker[3], the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the American Spectator (online)[4], the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal, National Review Online[5], Human Events[6], and others. He has been a weekly columnist in the Athens (GA) Banner-Herald newspaper[7]

"His writings and experiences have led to his being a featured guest on several national and major market radio programs, including those hosted by Laura Ingraham, Mike Gallagher, Janet Parshall, George Putnam, Frank Pastore, and many others," his web profile states.[8]

Embedded in Iraq

Emanuel was embedded with frontline coalition troops in April and May, and again from August through October, of [2007], "reporting from 'Inside the Surge' and providing the American people with firsthand, ground-level information regarding what is really going on in various locations within Iraq," his website states.[9]

His assignments included time spent on the front lines "with Charlie Co. 2-505 PIR (82nd Airborne) in Samarra, with Baker Co. 1-15 INF (3/3 ID) in Salman Pak, with the 1-4 Cavalry (1st ID) in West Rashid, Baghdad, and with a U.S. Special Forces team in Tal Afar, as well as other units and areas."

An index of his dispatches, reports, and articles can be found at his website.


Emanuel, who currently lives in Austin, Texas, "served in the US Air Force from 1999-2004 as a Tactical Air Controller (TACP), working with conventional and Joint Special Operations units as a communications expert and precision airstrike controller. Emanuel's assignments included a year in Korea and combat duty in Iraq, where he was a member of the task force that rescued PFC Jessica Lynch, among other missions [including "the arrests of former Iraqi Vice President Tariq Aziz and *Achille Lauro* terrorist Abu Abbas"[10]]. In 2007 he returned to Iraq as an embedded reporter, working on the front lines in Baghdad, Salman Pak, Samarra, Tal Afar, Balad, and elsewhere, with units from the 1st and 3rd Infantry Divisions, the 82nd Airborne Division, 10th Special Forces Group, and others. His reporting from the front, which has been published in several prestigious newspapers and magazines, earned him consideration for several awards, as well as the distinct honor of being compared to legendary World War II reporter Ernie Pyle by talk radio icon Paul Harvey.," his web profile states.[11]

"After his tour in the military, Emanuel returned to school at the University of Georgia, where he studied Classics (with an emphasis on Classical Archaeology), and served as a leadership fellow with the University’s Center for International Trade and Security. ... He also holds a degree in Information Systems Technology (2002)," his web profile states.[12]

Emanuel has been a "leadership fellow with the Center for International Trade and Security at the University of Georgia"[13], researching nuclear proliferation and radiological terrorism and editing texts, including Radiological Terrorism and the Search for Resiliency, a book for which he served as chief editor. An expert on international affairs, particularly in the Middle East, and on counterterrorism, he is currently a Contributor to MESHNet[14], a members-only forum for discussion of U.S. Strategy in Middle Eastern affairs that falls under the purview of the Institute for Strategic Studies' Middle East Strategy at Harvard (MESH) project.

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